“Connect, Twist & Create“ With Bunchems #Bunchems #Sponsored #CG

My three kids love to build and will build with whatever they get their hands on. Sometimes though they want to something more creative than square or rectangular blocks can handle.

Bunchems is a new product that allows kids to be as creative as they can be. Kids can create anything they can dream up and easily piece it together. There are even accessories included to add-on.

bunchems mega

So what are Bunchems?

They are squishy, little balls that connect to each other but just sticking them together. No glue or snapping, just pushing them together. There are no limits to creativity! When kids are done they can easily clean up by sticking them together and then re-build with them. Yes, no drying out either, they are easy to use and easy to store. The original box is not very good for storage so I store the pieces in a bag which is fine for my kids.

The Bunchems Mega Pack contains enough pieces to build so much that it can be easily played with by a few kids. Kids can even build 3D creations such as owls, bears, cars and flowers. There are tons of colors to pick from as well. I surprised to see my kids picking out the certain colors to build their creations, rather than just smooshing the pieces together in the form they want.

bunchems 1 bunchems 2 bunchems 3 bunchems 4 bunchems 5 bunchems 6 bunchems 7

I thing I should note is keep Bunchems away from hair.  It does say on the box and it is pretty obvious but make sure you stress to kids to keep them away from their hair as they will get stuck. My daughter learned the hard way but luckily it was just one and we were able to get it out. I would recommend pulling hair back as well, which we do now.

I would recommend the Bunchems Mega Pack for any child who loves to be creative and build. It is a set that is neutral as far as boys and girls go and the possibilities really are endless! I like that you get a whole bunch of accessories too for even more fun. My kids really had a blast with these pieces and have been playing with them since we got them. I was surprised to see them all play so nicely together with this set with no fighting over pieces. This would make a great gift as well! Yeah for a toy that doesn’t require batteries too!

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