iTunes App Review: “Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell”

Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell – Nimbus Games Inc

Released: March 30, 2012


Team up with Freddi Fish to find the Great Conch Shell!

The Great Conch Shell has been stolen and it’s up to Freddi Fish and friends to catch the culprit. Uncle Blenny can’t open the Founder’s Day Festival until the heralded horn has been recovered. Your child will join Freddi Fish and friends as they explore ancient ruins, play games at a fun-filled carnival and even discover a sunken airplane while looking for clues and finding adventure. Luther the fish, Rosy Pearl, Pierre the Tailor, and Nadine the Narwhal are just a few of the fun friends that they’ll meet as they follow Old Soggy’s sniffer through this tropical paradise. In the end, it’s up to your child to piece the clues together and figure out who’s responsible for this underwater caper.

• Play again and again – new clues, new locations and even new culprits await each time.
• Captivating worlds with faithful, lovable friends as they journey and overcome challenges.
• Integrated with Apple’s GameCenter with exclusive in-game achievements.
• Interactive touchscreen reveal hundreds of hidden surprises.
• Create a song on the organ or play with the Crook Book for added fun!


This is a cute mystery game for kids where they have to solve the mystery by exploring the ocean and playing games!  The controls are really easy as you tap around and point to where you want to move to.  My boys love to tap around on the screen for all the apps they have and this is the first one we own that really has so many hidden surprises and interactive abilities.  I will say though that my 5 year old does need help to know what the objective is, but as far as playing he understands how to control Freddi and the interactions.  The animation of this game is also amazing as it is so bright and detailed!  My son also found spots where he could change things, drop balls from the sky, change around characters and other wacky things!  My son hasn’t solved the mystery yet but is having fun trying!  This is definitely an app to keep your kids busy and entertained as there is a lot jam packed into Freddi’s ocean!

BUY IT: You can download Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell – Nimbus Games Inc for your iPhone/iPod for $2.99.

Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell - Nimbus Games Inc

WIN IT:  (1) US winner will receive the iTunes App “Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell” for the iPad or iPod or iPhone


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  1. paige jagan says:

    angry birds

  2. casey hart says:

    angry birds space

  3. jennifer lamb says:

    my dugtersis angry birds

  4. colleen says:

    My son is hooked on angry birds

  5. Mike S. says:

    Jr. is playing Preschool Monkey Lunchbox (or something similarly titled) right now. He likes that and Tap Frog II a bunch. I suspect that he’d enjoy Freddi Fish also.

  6. Harold D says:

    My grand daughter is hooked on AlphaTots.

  7. Michelle S says:

    My daughter likes whatever is on my phone, she’s too young to have a favorite.

  8. my daughter loves playing the math game from Team Umizoomi for iphone

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  9. My son is playing a Lorax game for my iPad. He steals it all the time!

  10. the tozzle puzzle app

  11. Hate to admit it but the fav here is Angry Birds

  12. Renee Bruno says:

    My daughter is into AniMatch, a matching game with animals complete with animal noises


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