Zooming By on the Y Fliker {Review}

Okay so my oldest son has been as asking about a scooter for Christmas and when I saw the Yvolution Y Fliker, I honestly wanted it for myself and didn’t want to wait to open it!  The Y Fliker has seriously become our new favorite ride-on!  It is a scooter unlike any other and with two sizes it is perfect for kids 5-adults!

Y Fliker  

The Y Fliker is a three wheeled free styling scooter that will get kids up and moving!  The YFliker’s easy Twist & Stow folding system is perfect for the family on the go. Its reinforced light weight steel frame makes the YFliker easy for kids to handle and sturdy enough to last for years.  The built in quick response hand brake offers increased control and safety.

Y Fliker F1: Ages 5+ (max weight 105 lbs); MSRP: $99.99; Available in pink and green.
Y Fliker F3: Ages 7+ (max weight 220 lbs); MSRP: $129.99; Available in red.

Quick features:

  • Unique three wheeled design
  • Self – propelling: no more kicking the ground like old two wheel scooters
  • Fun carving and drifting action!
  • Action grips and quick release hand brake
  • Twist & Stow folding system

Right out of the box the YFliker required just a few minutes of installation and then we were ready to go.  The Y Fliker has two board to stand on and a handlebar.  Kids and adults can give a little kick off the ground to start off and then swivel back and forth to continue going.   You can actually go up to 25 MPH, and I have no doubt in that as I have gone pretty fast on it myself!  The great thing though is that there is a brake system on the right handlebar and it works great to stop.

The Y Fliker is great for fun, exercise and transportation in general.  Then when your done just twist the two knobs and it folds flat.  It then comes with a velcro strap to carry it, but honestly I lost the strap already.  This scooter brings out the kid in adults and I honestly fight with my kids over it!  Now i will say I highly recommend a helmet, especially for kids, as the scooter can get some speed on it and it sometimes turns a way you aren’t expecting.  It did take a little bit of getting used to but after a few tries we all got the hang of it.  I can definitely see why this is the #1 scooter in the UK.  I seriously can’t even describe how much fun this scooter is other than to say you need to try it and that I can’t imagine someone not liking it!  There is nothing I would change.

How it comes out of the box:

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BUY IT:  The Y Fliker is currently sold at Toys “R” Us for a suggested retail price of $99.99.
Mom and More Disclosure: I was sent a sample to review in exchange for my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I’m so glad I just saw this review pop up in my inbox. I just received our F3 Y Flicker for my 7 year old for Christmas…..I cant wait until she gets to check it out, she has been asking for one for a while now.

    I got ours from FAO Schwarz web site. I chose them because I found a free coupon code online for $20 off :)