Hello Spring, Hello New Curtains from Kohl’s! {Review}

Disclosure:  I received a gift card in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

The house we live in, and will hopefully forever, came fully furnished with window treatments.  Now we stretched ourselves to buy this house so window treatments were not really a priority, but slowly I have been replacing them.  This year as I have been going through a huge purge of toys and housewares for Spring cleaning, I decided it was time to purge some window treatments as well.  Goodbye vertical blinds!  Since Spring is all about new starts and saying goodbye to the dark days of winter, I figured it was time to get rid of my dark blinds.  I say dark because they were heavy vertical blinds that made my rooms so dark.  I had the same vertical blinds covering three windows (well one big window and two patio doors.)  I hated how dark they made my rooms and they never laid straight because the kids would touch them making them go crooked.

Since Kohl’s is like a second home for me it was only fitting that I headed there to check out their selection.  Now I know window treatments are a newer item in stores so I wasn’t sure what I’d find.  My Kohl’s selection was slim but gave me some great ideas.  I did find one curtain I liked but there was only one package and I needed four.  Browsing in the store though definitely helped me (visual person) get a feel (literally) for the fabrics, brands, and what was/wasn’t machine washable.  I knew I wanted machine washable since my kids will be putting their grubby fingers on them since they have a window addiction.

Luckily Kohl’s online was there to save the day for me, although I warn you there are tons to browse through!  I found two styles I liked and I was able to order them for all three of my windows.  I needed four for my front window in my living room and two each for my patio doors in my family room.

I unfortunately don’t have good before pictures since my eager husband put them up before I could get a picture, but here are some pictures to give you an idea:


curtains 1

curtains 2

kohls curtains 5

After – Front room with the SONOMA life + style® Ayden Window Panels:

kohls curtains

After – Family room with the Apt. 9® Radius Circle Window Panels:

kohls curtains 2

kohls curtains 3

kohls curtains 4

I absolutely love my new curtains.  They are exactly what I wanted and had I realized how affordable it was for them I would have replaced those outdated vertical blinds years ago!  For around $130 (I had a coupon as well) I was able to put new curtains on my huge front window and two patio doors, and I got Kohl’s cash on top of that!  That is about $43 a window only!  I had friends and family giving me window place phone numbers, telling me to get custom curtains and saying that it would be a minimum of $150 per window!  When I told everyone what I paid from Kohl’s they were amazed!  My curtains look fabulous and it was so nice to start off my Spring cleaning with new curtains.  Oh and they do sell curtain rods at Kohl’s as well, but I had already picked up these rods to use.  My house is brighter and I don’t feel like I am stuck in the dark ages anymore!  If you are procrastinating Spring cleaning, okay so maybe I am, I highly recommend starting off at Kohl’s and seeing what inspires you!  The great thing about shopping at Kohl’s online or in-store (other than the affordable prices) is that if you get something home and it isn’t what you wanted, you can return it!  Get what you want for the price you can afford at Kohl’s!

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  1. Those curtains are very nice! We need to replace our blinds too, and I never thought of looking at Kohls. Thanks for the tip.