How Did I Do on Week 1 of Nutrisystem? #sponsored #NsNation @Nutrisystem

Disclosure:  I received this program and meals in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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Okay so I will honestly admit the first week of Nutrisystem was hard for me and I did cheat.  The first week is called the “Fab 5.”  Basically it jumpstarts your body to begin weight loss.  You get to eat, but you don’t get to eat. So yes I got to eat three Nutrisystem meals a day and two shakes as snacks, but I wasn’t really supposed to eat anything else, other than “free” foods like vegetables.  I am someone who loves to snack and while the shake cut it the first two days, by the third day I was starving.  I ended up adding some hummus for my cucumbers and I cheated slightly in a few other ways.

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Here is a picture of all the food I will be eating this month:

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I also had a rough time because I gave up Coke, the soda that is, for the week.  Coca Cola is my addiction but I have pretty much always limited myself to one can a day.  Last week though, no Coke.  The shakes for snacks were surprisingly good but I needed to supplement them eventually.

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How was the food?  Delicious!  Everything from Nutrisystem that I have tried, I have loved and I am a very picky eater.  I decided I was going to give everything a shot and I am so glad I did!

Some of the foods I have eaten:

nutrisystem pizzas

nutrisystem meals 2

nutrisystem meals 1

nutrisystem waffles

Mrs. Dash on my veggies has helped:

nutrisystem brocoli

So how did I do by the end of the “Fab 5?”  I lost a little over 2 lbs.  I do fluctuate in weight (doesn’t everybody?) so I am not jumping for joy just yet, but I am proud of myself.  I have said “no” to myself so many times whereas in the past I said yes.  “Do I want some Doritos?”  “Do I want that cupcake?”  “McDonald’s?”  It was hard but I am making progress slowly!  I also feel you should not always say “no” or you’ll hate yourself and give up.  I have told myself that if I cheat then I have to work out a little harder or watch what I eat for my next meal.

Oh and the Nutrisystem App has been an amazing help!  More on the app to come but it has definitely helped keep me on track and remember what to eat!

New weight:  176 lbs.

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  1. Christina says:

    You can do it!!!! I know you’ll do awesome too. I started making changes in January… just little changes. I started working out and running 3 days a week…. worked my way up to running or walking daily and working out 2-3 days a week, and just being active every day. Then came the diet changes… the first 3-4 weeks were hard, I still craved all the snacks and bad things. Now that I am a few months into it, I rarely crave the bad things… I am full at night and no longer even want to snack late at night.. and if I do some celery or cucumbers is totally satisfying. I do allow myself cheat days, they are healthy IMO, but they are less and less because I just don’t want the other stuff as often. A reeses sounded really good to me today… I could only eat 1 cup. I crave pizza and 2 small slices is enough. I haven’t been able to give up soda completely, yet, but I don’t drink it at home anymore either. Baby steps, right? My scale broke and I haven’t picked up a new one yet, but others are seeing changes and my clothes are getting loose, I’m happy with that for now so I’m trying to hold off on the scale.. I don’t want to focus on numbers this time.. just how I look and feel.