Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party in Chicagoland With Ease!

I partnered with Birthday Masters in exchange for sharing this information.

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Planning a children’s birthday party is something that can be pretty stressful. From the invites to the location to the date, a children’s birthday party can take on a life of own. When I was younger my birthday parties were mainly at my house playing games in the backyard. Sure I had some parties out but I had two younger siblings so my mom didn’t have the time or money to plan something. Back then there wasn’t a lot of options either for kid’s parties unlike today!

Today it seems like every place offers a children’s birthday option and no matter what your child is into their is a birthday party for it. Honestly though it can be overwhelming with all the options. I am actually planning my son’s 8th birthday right now and I feel like I spent hours already browsing different websites.

Then I heard about BirthdayMasters and boy where was this website five years ago when I planned my oldest child’s first friend birthday party! BirthdayMasters is a new website that helps parents discover and book birthday party places and entertainment. It is a website that puts all sorts of birthday party ideas on one website to make planning a whole lot easier.

Why use BirthdayMasters?

Super easy to use. Just type in your location and birthday party places, entertainers and rentals appear.

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I searched here in Chicago and I was amazed at all the options for Chicago birthday party places! All the options contained descriptions, pricing, photos and additional party information including add-ons and other customizable options.

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Great local resource. I honestly hadn’t thought of most of the places and already wrote some down just to visit for a family night out.

Information for planning a party at home. Even if you go the party-at-home route, BirthdayMasters has great options for planning a party at home. From party ideas and themes to kid party games, BirthdayMasters has some great tips on pre-party preparation and planning. There are even options for Chicago birthday party entertainers.

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Honestly using BirthdayMasters has been a lifesaver for me. I have tons of options now for places outside of the same ole’ same ole’ around me and since everything is visual it makes it easy to sit with my son to narrow down the choices. No more having 25 tabs open on my laptop switching back and forth.

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing! The website is free to use and everything I found seems to be very thorough! The only possible flaw is companies have to create a profile on BirthdayMasters so obviously not every place may not be on there. I found so many great options though that I didn’t feel anything was missing. BirthdayMasters mission is “To inspire parents to give their children unforgettable birthday party celebrations.” I feel almost like BirthdayMasters is like that neighbor next door who has hosted numerous parties over the years and knows everything there is about hosting them.

BirthdayMasters is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dallas and expanding to Chicago Area.

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