Find & Manage After School Activities in Chicagoland With Afterschoolz (& Giveaway Ends 4/3)

I partnered with this brand in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Finding activities for my kids should, theoretically, be easy with today’s technology, but that is not always the case. I usually browse the paper books for park districts in my town and neighboring towns to see what is available. I have called private locations based on word of mouth recommendations. I constantly Google activities in my area but I end up with tab-overload!

Afterschoolz is a company that makes finding activities for kids easy and quick. With just a few taps on a keyboard, you can find exactly what your child is looking for.

Features of Afterschoolz:

  • Wide range of activities available to browse – not just sports!
  • Search by age, interest, and location so you are not wasting time on what isn’t right for your family.
  • Receive timely updates via email about new programs in your area. (New programs are constantly added that you won’t want to miss!)
  • Totally FREE! Yes, using Afterschoolz is totally free for parents.
  • Currently, Afterschoolz is available in areas of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs (including Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, etc.) but they are in the process of expanding to more cities across the US. You can actually ask your favorite after school activity provider to register with Afterschoolz so everyone can check them out!

I was able to look up activities for all three of my kids on one website! So convenient for this busy mom!

Here is a soccer search I did for my 8-year-old:

I had a total of three pages of activities to choose from. Once I made a selection, I was able to see costs, locations and times available.

You can narrow down your choices even more by searching for specifics.

Overall, I found Afterschoolz to be super easy and I was impressed with the quantity and variety of activities available. From sports to cooking classes to engineering to crafts, there is so much to browse! I can also search for activities in places other than just my immediate area. For example, when my kids visit their grandparents they are constantly looking for something to do. I have a feeling Afterschoolz is going to be very helpful for this summer!

Whether you are ready to book something now for your kids or you just want to get a feel for what’s out there, Afterschoolz really is a one-stop shop for kid activities!

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  1. sheila ressel says:

    Hands down, Kids Baking. What fun!

  2. Mya Murphy says:

    Kids baking sweet adventures, most definitely!

  3. Mighty Mites

  4. Bowling is what we do!

  5. My granddaughter would like the Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures.

  6. The CSI Curious Science Investigators class

  7. Mary Cloud says:

    My daughter would probably like the Baking Lessons by Sur La Table

  8. cheryl wetzel says:

    My kids play soccer.

  9. Gina Freire says:

    Bowling is what we do!

  10. They would be interested in Kinderarts.

  11. Sarah Hayes says:

    the public skate at the ice rink would be the most fun.

  12. Stephanie V. says:

    kids baking at Sur la Table — how fun!

  13. shannon fowler says:

    There is a beginner drum class really close to us. That would be perfect!

  14. Richard Hicks says:

    Our son would like the Rock & Roll Robotics activity

  15. ET Pruitt says:

    The CSI Curious Science Investigators class

  16. valerie taylor mabrey says:

    I like the champions/cardio kids! Think this looks great to keep them active.

  17. Lori Walker says:

    I like the Parent and tot activity.

  18. My daughter would love to try swim lessons with the British Swim school.

  19. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I think my grandchildren would love the Sur La Table Kids Baking activity.

  20. Ann Fantom says:

    My daughter would like to take the Girls Who Code class

  21. katherine Persons says:

    Girls basketbll and the other one the baking one

  22. Cynthia C says:

    My nieces would enjoy Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures

  23. Adrienne Gordon says:

    There’s a robotics engineering class for kids near us.

  24. James Robert says:

    Not sure if my comment went through but my daughter just finished volleyball and she is in 7th grade so she would enjoy SESSION 248 – GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – 6th & 7th Grade

  25. James Robert says:

    My daughter is in 7th grade and just finished volleyball so she would enjoy SESSION 248 – GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – 6th & 7th Grade

  26. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I wish these classes were offered in our area, several that my granddaughter would enjoy. I think the Confident Cooking for Kids would be a terrific class for her to take.

  27. my nephew would definitely be interested in soccer, he loves it!

  28. Terry Stevens says:

    My granddaughter would love volleyball.

  29. My LO would like Parent and Tot Gymnastics

  30. Polly Hall says:

    Champions/Cardio Kids would be an activity that my child would love.

  31. Soha Molina says:

    She;d like volleyball.

  32. Pamela Gurganus says:

    The Afterschoolz activity my child would be interested in is Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures.

  33. Cindy Merrill says:

    Master Chef Junior is all my grand daughter Julia ever talks about and she loves to bake- so the baking class would be a good option.

  34. LEGO Engineering Lunch Bunch

  35. My boys would love to try the martial arts classes!

  36. My kids are in middle and high school but I know they would both love the martial arts camps. They have always wanted to take lessons but they are usually very expensive.

  37. Debbie Campbell says:

    My daughter is in college, but she would have loved the baking class.

  38. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I think she would love confident cooking for kids!

  39. Rajee Pandi says:

    Champions/Cardio Kids

  40. Mad Science – Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

  41. My daughter would like the tumbling class!

  42. Ellie Wright says:

    My boys would like Youth Karate

  43. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My grandson would like one of the drawing classes. He does it so well already.

  44. Our three year old daughter would love the Bunny Brunch by CHANNAHON PARK DISTRICT. There’s even going to be an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself!

  45. My daughter would like swimming lessons

  46. Sherry Compton says:

    My grandson would love the week 5 of Mad Scienc.

  47. My gym! My kids love being active

  48. Vicki Wurgler says:

    my grandson would like the chess camp

  49. Laurent Legault says:

    Soccer would be a big hit in this household.

  50. Amy Stonger says:

    My sons would like soccer or gaming. My daughter would love the American girl activity.

  51. rebecca day says:

    My daughter would like the girls soft ball team

  52. My daughter love drawing

  53. Andrea v says:

    Tumbling class

  54. My cousin would love soccer the most.

  55. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Would like the soccer.

  56. Natalie S says:

    So cool! I think they would enjoy the B104 – Robotics Engineering – Drumming Monkey – $40 Wednesday Only

  57. Nannypanpan says:

    They’d like elementary drawings

  58. My little niece would love the soccer and gymnastics I think

  59. My daughter would be super interested in soccer or gymnastics!

  60. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures sounds like it would be so much fun!

  61. Betsy Barnes says:

    My son would have loved the Sur La Table Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures. He always loves being in the kitchen!

  62. Stephanie says:

    Elementary Drawing sounds good

  63. My son would love the Chicago Bulls Summer Camp!

  64. My son likes soccer

  65. Learn to Skate and Play Hockey

  66. Sounds like a great program.

  67. he would love the bowling outing

  68. The SB401 – Engineering For Kids Spring Break STEM Week AM – $195 looks neat!


    My kids would love the confident cooking for kids

  70. Jenny Q. says:

    The SB401 – Engineering For Kids Spring Break STEM Week looks like fun for my kids.

  71. I think my daughter would like Elementary Drawing!

  72. Linda Trinklein says:

    both my kids would enjoy the lego class! what a neat websit! thanks

  73. Linda Trinklein says:

    Both my kids would enjoy ”
    Large lld logo 50th rgb 4in

    Terrific Tuesday: Lego WeDo – Airplane Rescue
    ” What a great site! thanks you

  74. Patricia C says:

    There were no activities available in my area but I will keep checking because this is a great idea!

  75. Bonnie Lee says:

    My daughter loves basketball!

  76. My son would absolutely love the LEGO Engineering Lunch Bunch-Whole Child Learning.

  77. Barbara Montag says:

    Our daughters would love the Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures.
    thank you

  78. girls soft ball team

  79. Susan Smith says:

    My son would love their mad science class!

  80. The Afterschoolz activities I think my grandkids would be interested in my area would be Youth Karate, Ballet, or Yoga for all ages.

  81. Kelly Nicholson says:

    i dont have kids,but the Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures would be something i would have liked

  82. Denise Higgins says:

    My son loves Soccer

  83. Tamra Gibson says:

    Oh it wld definitely be the Lego we do Airplanes. My 8 yr old has do many Legos we cld actually build a real 2 story hse. Lol. I was surprised at all the activities they have. They r a little bit further from r hometown right now

  84. aaron reck says:

    I would probably say the elementary drawing or something in the sciences like the lego engineering.

  85. I think he would be interested in Elementary Drawing.

  86. She’d like Lego Engineering.

  87. My daughter would like soccer.

  88. My daughter would like soccer

  89. My niece would be very interested in KinderArts at the Elmhurst Art museum. Here is the description KinderArts is a rich, multimedia immersion into the world of visual arts designed especially for your Kindergartener. Children will explore a variety of mediums including clay, watercolor, drawing, and printmaking.

  90. My great niece and great nephew would love either the My Gym or the All Seasons Ice Rink Skating 🙂

  91. Patricia says:

    My kids would love Bollywood dance.

  92. My kids would love soccer -sport camp.

  93. KIds Baking: Sweet Adventures sounds like fun.

  94. Renee Walters says:

    My son would LOVE their mad science class!

  95. Julie Bickham says:

    I think my daughter would love the Life Size Candy Land!

  96. laura feist says:

    my grandkids would love gymnastics

  97. shelly peterson says:

    My grandson would like the 2017 Preschool SoccerKids Camp 3

  98. Marilyn Legault says:

    the kids would love the Gymnastics, Preschool/Active Play activities

  99. Robin Abrams says:

    My grandkids would love the Spring MAKE Camp

  100. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I would love to check it out but the webpage is not loading for me. There is an error.

  101. kathy agate says:

    My grandchildren would like the sports-baseball or soccer

  102. My daughter would really love the Bollywood Dance activity, she’s big on dancing.

  103. Cindy Peteterson says:

    Was not able to find any activities in my area.

  104. Christine Labelle says:

    My girls would!D either love basketball or baking. They both love to bake…I do too!!

  105. Paol Trenny says:

    My daughter would like the “Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures” because she loves to be in the kitchen baking and cooking with her grandmama.

  106. The Ballet II/III for Ages: 8-12 is perfect!

  107. My granddaughter would enjoy the 3 day confident cooking for kids class.

  108. Victoria Scott says:

    I think my kids would really enjoy the Bollywood Dancing! They love to dance and learn new things!

  109. monique s says:

    peewee indoor soccer is what my son would be interested in

  110. My daughter would enjoy swim lessons.

  111. My son would like the soccer

  112. Francine Anchondo says:

    They would like BJJ Fundamentals

  113. Michelle S says:

    My daughter would definitely be interested in Horse Sense.

  114. Gina Rock says:

    My daughter would love the arts/painting and soccer!

  115. My niece would be very interested in a Book Swap.

  116. susan smoaks says:

    our daughter would love going to the my gym. she likes tumbling.

  117. Angela Williams says:

    They would both enjoy the soccer the best!

  118. My daughters would like Kids Club® Earth Day Projects from Michaels

  119. Sadie B. says:

    My daughter would enjoy the Tennis Lesson & Fun.

  120. Gina Ferrell says:

    My daughter would be interested in soccer and acting.

  121. Ballet sounds like fun.

  122. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    Seems like a great program. My kids would do soccer.

  123. mami2jcn says:

    My daughter would be interested in art.

  124. vickie couturier says:

    Champions/Cardio Kids