DVD Review: “Barney: Clean Up Clean Up”

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Barney: Clean Up Clean Up Released: March 6, 2012 Studio: Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment Running Time: 53 minutes ABOUT: Barney shows how to make cleaning fun; from painting the caboose, to washing windows, to putting away toys! See Riff learn new tricks when his litterbot leaves him in a heap of a mess. All the […]

DVD Review: “Thomas & Friends: Up Up & Away”

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Thomas & Friends: Up Up & Away Released: March 6, 2012 Studio: Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment Running Time: 49 minutes ABOUT: Thomas and his friends reach new heights in these high-flying adventures! Thomas and Percy have a special adventure as they try and try again to bring balloons to Mr Bubbles’ Big Balloon Show. At […]

DVD Review: “Awesome Adventures: Rescue Friends 1″

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Awesome Adventures: Rescue Friends 1 Released: March 13, 2012 Studio: Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment Running Time: 66 minutes ABOUT: Calling all heroes! Spencer shows his mettle when he steams through thick fog to rescue Percy; Toby’s new whistle rings friends and animals to safety! Bob the Builder’s Machine Team helps Scratch out of a sticky […]

DVD Review: “Angelina Ballerina Ballerina Princess”

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Angelina Ballerina: Ballerina Princess Released: March 6, 2012 Studio: Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment Running Time: 61 minutes ABOUT: Join Angelina Ballerina & her friends for enchanting adventures filled with princesses, princes, kinds & queens. Dancing their way through Chipping Cheddar, Angelina encounters a bad fairy, uncovers a Cinderella-like mystery, treats the kind & queen to […]

TV Flashbacks Kids DVDs Review

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When I watch cartoons with my boys it is amazing how different they are from when I was a kid.  The cartoons from the 80s maybe weren’t the most (or at all) educational but they were fun and unique!  They had plots, interesting characters and gave me something to look forward to every week.  There […]

DVD Review: “I Don’t Know How She Does It”

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I Don’t Know How She Does It Released: January 3, 2012 Studio: The Weinstein Company Running Time: 89 minutes ABOUT: Kate Reddy (Parker) devotes her days to her job with a Boston-based financial management firm. At night she goes home to her adoring, recently-downsized architect husband Richard (Kinnear) and their two young children. It’s a […]

DVD Review: “Veggie Tales: Robin Good & His Not So Merry Men”

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Robin Good & His Not So Merry Men Released: March 6, 2012 Studio: Big Idea Running Time: 45 minutes ABOUT: VeggieTales: Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men  is a fun parody that features plenty of high-energy, family-friendly music, including a new Silly Song with a theme that was selected through a recent online fan contest. […]

“The Descendants” Arrives March 13th


A Guide to Camping Experience the Heartbreak and Humor When the Academy Award® and Golden Globe® Winner Comes to Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD March 13 In The Descendants, it was a tradition of the King family to go camping on their ancestors’ land. In this feature, we will explore some cool places and interesting […]

DVD Review: “Chuggington: Brewster’s Little Helper”

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Chuggington: Brewster’s Little Helper Released: February 14, 2012 Studio: ANCHOR BAY Running Time: 61 minutes ABOUT: Honk your horns for this all-new collection showcasing young trainee, Brewster, as he discovers adventure and responsibility in Chuggington. In these six traintastic episodes, Brewster gets some unexpected help from Zephie, cleans up a mess in the recycling yard […]