Wordless Wednesday: Happy 1st Birthday to My Baby Girl!


So this week we celebrated Olivia’s first birthday, I think out of all three of my kids her first year flew by the fastest.  It makes me sad that she’s probably my last, but I admit I can’t wait until she really starts developing her personality and playing!

Wordless Wednesday: Licking the Bowl…


Wordless Wednesday: A T-Rex Trying to Eat Gavin


Wordless Wednesday: My Not So Little Graduate


Yeah for my husband finally being done with Graduate School! And my little guys pretending

Wordless Wednesday: It’s Green & Unlevel, But It’ll Do!


Wordless Wednesday: My Lil’ Super Hero


Wordless Wednesday: Diapers That Won’t Leak For At Least a Week!


Wordless Wednesday: You Got A Little Something On Your Face…


Wordless Wednesday: My Lil’ Miss Piggy


So yes I do feed my children but I turned around to get Olivia some water table toys and she crawled over to the fresh mud puddle her brothers made!  Then I of course had to grab the camera before I cleaned her up!