Which of Patrick Jane’s skills would I most like to possess?

Patrick Jane from “The Mentalist” has some awesome skills.  In Season 3, he appears able to communicate with horses as a ‘horse whisperer’, charm guilty culprits into spilling their secrets and help a hired burglar out of a holding cell in less than 24 hours.  While Patrick is not a physic, I’d love to have […]

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Educational Insights: Playfoam Combo 8-Pack Review (& Giveaway Ends 9/23)

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ABOUT: Educational Insights is a manufacturer of kids products that have an educational value to them. Their products include classroom products, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. All the products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that learning needs to be fun to keep kids engaged. MY THOUGHTS: Play Foam is a […]

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DEAL ENDED – Set of 5 Taste of Home Cookbooks ($2.50) + $1 Shipping

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Buy these cookbooks before they sell out! (They’d be a great Christmas present!)

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“A Day Out with Thomas: Leader of the Track Tour 2011″ Review


  My boys are huge train-fans and when I heard about the “Day Out With Thomas:  Leader of the Track Tour 2011” I knew we had to go.  I actually had no clue that just 50 minutes away from our house was a train museum, the Illinois Railway Museum. The “Day of Out With Thomas” […]

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ZhuZhu Babies Review (& Giveaway Ends 9/21)


Unless you have been living under a cave, you probably have heard of Zhu Zhu pets before, at least in some form.  Yes ZhuZhu pets come in so many different varieties they are sure to have a style for everyone, both boys and girls.  Recently I got the chance to check out ZhuZhu Babies with […]

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All Cards .99 Cents from Cardstore.com!

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Two Day Sale: All Cards .99 Cents. Ends 9/8 You will also get 4% cashback for shopping through Shop At Home!

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Book Review: “Top 100 Pasta Dishes: Easy Everyday Recipes That Children Will Love” (& #Giveaway Ends 9/21)

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Top 100 Pasta Dishes: Easy Everyday Recipes That Children Will Love By Annabel Karmel 144Pages (Hardcover) Date Published: August 9, 2011 ABOUT THE BOOK: Who doesn’t love pasta? For most kids—and their parents—pasta is the best food in the world. It’s tasty and nutritious, it’s easy, quick, and economical to cook—and, even better, it comes in […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Using the Potty while eating a corn dog and watching a YouTube on an iPod


Yes that’s my “special” little boy!

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2 Wii Game US/CAN #Giveaways Ending Tonight!

(Click on the Image to Enter Giveaways that END TONIGHT!) Wii Game: “Pictionary – uDraw” (US/CAN Ends 9/7) Wii Game: “Kung Fu Panda 2 – uDraw” (US/CAN -12 Winners! Ends 9/7) DVD: “The Gruffalo” (Ends 9/9) Peaceable Kingdom Stickers (Ends 9/9) Facelube for Men Germany Skin Care Set – $245.00 Value! (Ends 9/12) Glow Baby […]

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