Kenmore Blogger Summit 2012 “Vacuum Challenge” #kbs2012

After an amazing lunch, we got to check out a demonstration from Mark of Chicago Fit Club showcasing some exercises you can do with vacuuming!  Now I don’t like exercising nor do I like vacuuming but Mark made us laugh and I figure if I had to do one why not do both!  He showed us to lunge while vacuuming, lift the vacuum like weights, vacuum and reach while balancing on one leg and so forth.  It definitely was an interesting demonstration and I admit I now try to lunge while vacuuming!

It was only fit now that our next challenge we had at Kenmore involved their vacuum cleaners.  So once again we got in our groups and we had 30 seconds to showcase the Kenmore Intuition, as you would in a commercial.  The idea was to come up with something more exciting that a traditional woman vacuuming in the tv commercials.

Our idea was to have a mom ask her teenage daughter to vacuum.  Now since kids usually never vacuum good enough or complain the Kenmore Intuition is the perfect choice!  It has a Clean/Dirty sensor so your child will know when they are down with a particular area, it has a Check Bag sensor, and it has a pet brush to really clean off pet hair from furniture!  No excuses from your child (or husband) that they can’t vacuum as good as you!

Did you know Kenmore made appliances other than the major ones?  Would you ever exercise while cleaning?

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  1. Kasandria Reasoner says:

    That vacuum looks indestructible!