Party With Me at the Ultimate Blog Party 2014! #UBP14


For the fifth year in a row I am taking part in 5MinutesforMom’s Ultimate Blog Party 2014!  If you haven’t seen this before, it is a online party where a bunch of bloggers link together to find new blogs and hopefully make a few new friends!  It is amazing to see how many blogs link up each year all from different niches!  Its great because there is no pressure or timeline, just a bunch of blogs posted to browse through and visit!

In case this is your first time here, here is a little ABOUT ME:

My name is Cherise, but I go by Cher since people always seem to butcher Cherise when saying or spelling it.  I am married to Doug, whom I met at a bar in college and we have been married for almost nine years.  We have three kids:  Aidan (7), Gavin (5) and Olivia (2).  We live in a western suburb of Chicago and are never moving again (this was our third move)!

Here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • I have 6 siblings all younger than me
  • I love to read young adult books, mysteries, true crime and am always loping for suggestions!
  • I could live off pizza and Mexican food.  I know not really healthy, but I love it!
  • I love the movie Jaws (actually Jaws 1-3) and could watch the movie over and over.
  • I am addicted to mail, actual physical mail!  Ever since I can remember, I have always been excited about getting mail that I used to send away for freebies and even penpals, just to get mail back!  As a stay at home mom, my big highlight of the day sometimes is walking out to the mailbox!
  • Oh and if you hadn’t noticed I always love to use exclamation points, probably way too much! :)

Oh and a little big about MOM AND MORE (or check out my About Me page):

My blog “Mom and More” is a site where I post daily product reviews and almost daily giveaways!  I also post the occasional deal, recipes, activities, book reviews, movie reviews and personal posts.

Some of my Favorite Posts:

Here are my links:

So I hope you stick around and leave a comment here to say Hi!

Hopefully you’ll also check out all MY GIVEAWAYS that are listed on the right side of my blog at all times!

Don’t forget to keep on Blog Hopping at all the other great blogs participating in the Ultimate Blog Hop!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It’s nice to meet you. I’ve pinned most of your “blogging” posts – thanks for the advice and tips! It’s great to have lots of post ideas. 🙂 I love your header, btw, with the up-front social media buttons. 🙂

  2. Nice to “meet” you, Cher! Wow, you’re 1 of 7 kids–I have 5 kidlets 8-years and under! Stopping by from #UBP14, and thank you for already having paid me a visit!

  3. Hello Cher, so nice to meet you at UBP14. We look forward to following your blog. Follow us on Pinterest for Recipes, Food & romance!

  4. Hi Cher – I’m stopping by from #UBP14. I am a newbie & its a lot of fun…. great blog…beautiful family. I am a mom and I have my own business. Stop by my blog (… & Facebook page (… if you get a chance. Have a great day!

  5. Hi! Cher! Stopping by from #UBP14, I saw that you added me on Twitter and wanted to say thanks! We also live in the Chicago suburbs…

  6. Hi Cher – lovely to meet you. I could live off pizza too – only it would probably end up killing me as I’m lactose intolerant! Doesn’t stop me having it as a treat every once in a while – there’s one in the oven right now!
    Enjoy the party

  7. Terra Heck says:

    Good morning! Stopping by from #UBP14. I’ve been a reader for a while now but it’s interesting to learn new things. I always get excited when I receive mail too.