Get a Free Kid’s Book, Summer Reading Kit and More From Barnes & Noble This Summer!

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My boys are finally at the age where they are starting to read and are interested in picking out their own books.  This Summer it going to be all about books for my boys as they both are struggling with Reading in school.  To encourage reading I am letting them pick out new books as rewards.  I loved going to book stores and libraries as a kid and I hope to instill that on my kids.

Well if you have a Barnes & Noble by you don’t miss out on their Summer Reading Program!  All kids have to do is read any eight books and record them in the printable Imagination’s Destination Journal.  No long book report, just whom you’d recommend the book for and why!  Super simple and motivating!  After filling out the journal with the eight books, bring your completed journal to any Barnes & Noble store through September 2, 2014 to pick out a free regular book from a list according to grades.  The books are geared towards Grades 1-6 but I don’t see an age minimum or maximum on the form, so check with your local store if your child is outside of those grades.

Seriously this program is so simple and easy, don’t miss out!

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  1. Catherine Lewis says

    What a great thing for a bookstore to do. I read all the time and am encouraging my grandchildren to do the same My granddaughter, Aurora, who is 8, reads all the time. Her 8th birthday is Dec. 29 and she asked for books!

  2. Charlene Underhill says

    This is awesome!


    I love this for Zoey My granddaughter Thank you

  4. I was just telling myboys that we needed to take a trip to B&N now we will for sure. Thanks for letting us know about this. I was on their site and never noticed anything about it.

  5. Patricia Delgado says

    I love this, something to keep the kids reading during the summer!

  6. Jessica Cox says

    What a great way to get kids to read.

  7. Jessica Cox says

    I will have to do this with both of my daughters that are in school I try and make them read everyday so they don’t lose fluency.My youngest is loving Junie B and my oldest likes chapter books like wimpy kid .

  8. lana simanovicki says

    this is something I am defenatly looking ino this is great

  9. Sandra Watts says

    This is a nice program. Encourages kids to read.

  10. Diane Mania says

    Sounds like a great book

  11. Sounds like a great book the kids would love. Thanks.

  12. Dorothy Boucher says

    this sounds amazing, I know its not summer but will check them out and just maybe they have something coming up for the holidays 🙂 thanks for sharing

  13. This is a generous program from Barnes and Noble. My son enjoyed choosing his book of his choice from a specific shelf at the store. He participated last summer, too.

  14. Erica Pallutch says

    This is great! thanks for sharing!

  15. Donna Jacoby says

    This is perfect for my neighbor’s granddaughter. Thanks for telling us about this–I’ll pass the information along!

  16. Thanks for sharing these books! I love getting free stuff for my kids.

  17. Thanks for the info about this reading program. My son is participating in the reading program at the library, so this will be great to go along with it.

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