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I partnered with Qmee in exchange for sharing my this information and my honest opinion.

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I have always been a believer that every penny counts. Every since I could I worked and saved money where I could. When I became a stay at home mom I knew I still wanted to contribute and luckily online I found many ways to earn money. I made small amounts of money completing surveys, shopping online and even searching online. Activities I have completed online though have been at numerous sites and it honestly it never amounted to much. The other drawback I had was that the minimum amount to cashout was always so high that it took forever to earn enough to cashout.

Well now there is a new way to shop and search online right in one website. Every penny you earn then gets added to a little piggy bank online!

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Qmee is a shopping tool that allows users to earn cash rewards while also gaining access to great offers and money saving deals. The best part is that Qmee works in the background of your web browser and works when you search and shop online. Once you install Qmee, you don’t have to do anything. No more forgetting to go to a certain website first to shop or search, just go online as you normally would. Qmee does all the work for you!

Here is how Qmee looks on my Chrome browser. I can click it anytime I want to check my balance and cashout otherwise it is just a little “Q” on my browser.

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So how does Qmee work?

Anytime you do a search using your browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer) if Qmee has a relevant result then you’ll see the Qmee results on the left side of the browser. You can choose to click on them and see what they have to offer or ignore them and they will go away. Each offer even shows you how much you’ll earn by clicking on them. Sure they are pennies, but again pennies add up and its not really any extra work for you! Consider too that if an offer is worth let’s say $0.08, that’s like picking up 8 pennies!

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I will say I have earned money personally through Qmee and cashed out through Paypal. I haven’t been using Qmee long but still I’ll take every little bit I can.

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To earn even more money, Qmee has launched surveys. Users can earn rewards through sharing thoughts and answering surveys. Qmee also has a referral program where you can earn $1 for every referral you make into the Qmee program.

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Go to, register and install to become part of the club and watch your cash grow in your online piggy bank.

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  1. Michelle S says

    I know there are several of these. This one sounds pretty straightforward – it might be a good choice for me to put on my laptop.

  2. Very interesting way to earn a few extra dollars. Pennies do add up.

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