Hanna Andersson Clothes & Peanuts Friends #PeanutsInsiders #PeanutsAmbassador

I received this product to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Did you know that Hanna Andersson has teamed up with Peanuts to create some adorable fashion for kids? So not only can you get super soft clothes for your kids but they can be styled in Peanuts characters!

Hanna Andersson has been styling on kids since 1983 and is known for their superior quality and unique designs. The first piece of Hanna Andersson clothes I bought was turtlenecks for my boys for holiday pictures. I was in search of red turtlenecks to go under itchy sweaters my boys were going to wear for the holidays. My boys wore those red Hanna Andersson turtlenecks until they couldn’t squeeze their heads in them. And you know what? They still look brand new even after so much use! Quality is definitely something I can vouch for with Hanna Andersson!

When I heard though that Hanna Andersson featured Peanuts friends, I was excited to get my daughter a few pieces!  I decided to let my daughter pick out what she wanted and she chose two shirts.

Want to save on some Hanna Andersson clothes for your kids?

Use the code PEANUTS to save 15% off all merchandise (including all the other great Peanuts products like: tops, sweatshirts, swimwear, socks and backpacks) on March 16th, and March 16th only at Hanna Andersson.

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  1. They have some really great clothes and then add Peanuts to it! Woot! That makes them awesome!

  2. We love Hanna Andersson jammies! And the Peanuts prints are awesome!

  3. We love the Peanuts gang! These are super cute!