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I have and always will be a snacker. I am constantly grabbing this or that to munch on and love trying new snacks. In trying to eat better though I am trying to choose better snacks. I am constantly looking for snacks made of high-quality ingredients and free of junk. By junk, I mean artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. It can be overwhelming browsing the snack aisle and reading ingredient after ingredient to try to find good snacks.

Is it possible to have real food with real flavor without all the junk?

NatureBox is a company that offers snacks that are made with “Real, Simple Ingredients.” No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. No corn syrup of any kind. No hydrogenated oils or MSG.

Unique flavors are combined, thanks to an innovative development team, to create great tasting, guilt-free snacks you won’t find everywhere.

No more “mindless munching” on the same ole same ole either as new snacks are constantly added every month.

I tried Nature Box and…

I love it! There are so many great snacks to choose from that the hardest decision is narrowing down my choices. I picked a good variety and honestly there was not one I didn’t like. The bags are good sized and they are resealable.

The snacks start as low as $2.99 and with free delivery over $25 you really have nothing to loose! The snack choices are so much more plentiful than at my local grocery store and I can shop confidently knowing that they are quality snacks. No more standing in the aisle checking bag after bag, with NatureBox I can just click the snacks I want and wait for them to be delivered – everything is made of quality ingredients and without junk!

I love that if I am looking for snacks that are of a certain taste or nutrition, NatureBox makes it easy to shop from.

Why choose NatureBox?

NatureBox is a wholesale, members-only club where you can save up to 40% on hundreds of snacks.

The way NatureBox works is you pay $5 per month which is then credited towards your purchases. With you first purchase you’ll get a free 1-month membership. Unused credits roll over and expire after 12 months.

Don’t like a snack you received, contact NatureBox to receive a credit towards your next order.

There are so many New Delicious Discoveries at NatureBox constantly added to the over 100 snacks available for a great variety to choose from.

Free delivery on U.S. orders over $25.

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I would love to try these healthy snacks and give some of these to the kids when they come home from school.

  2. I’d like to try the pure vanilla.

  3. I like to have this .this is healthy food my kids wouldlike

  4. Oh shucks, I was hoping this was a giveaway. I would love to win this type of goodies.