Moosh-Moosh Slipperz, Sequins & More!

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I first learned about Moosh-Moosh last month when I got to check out a bunch of the adorable, squishable characters. They are seriously the cutest and most cuddly little plushies I have ever tried – think marshmallow-squishy. At the time, there was just three sizes of Moosh-Moosh friends but of course the company didn’t want to stop there.

Moosh-Moosh now comes in more varieties of characters and products! Yes there are now Moosh-Moosh slippers called Slipperz and Sequins Moosh-Moosh to get in the bandwagon of the mermaid-like sequin pillows.

The Sequin Plushies Collection allows kids to cuddle with their new buddies and “pet” them to change their features. The plushes are still as soft as you’d expect from Moosh-Moosh, just with the added fun of sequins. I have actually walked in my daughters room to see her just rubbing her sequin plushies back and forth as she has a huge smile on her face.

Some of the new Moosh-Moosh friends are part of the Series 3 collection which offer characters with fun personalities. There are friends like Crush the Shark, Nibler, Neptune, Ash and Spike, Finster, Francine and Blossom. They cost $14.99 each which is not bad for the unique and cuddly plush.

My kids are loving the Slipperz and because of the cute characters on them, they are actually wearing them consistently. I admit too I have slipped them on and they are like little clouds on my feet.

Find Moosh Moosh

There are over 72 styles online at but you can also find them at your neighborhood Staples, CVS, JOANN Stores, AC Moore, and Party City. If you are traveling, you can even find them at the Hudson News airport stores.

WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive a Moosh-Moosh plush character of your choice (based on availability)

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  1. My daughter’s favorite animal is a puppy she has.

  2. Buddy Garrett says

    Her favorite animal is a kitty.

  3. Daniel Scott says

    Sydney loves our two dogs and any other canine such as wolves, foxes and coyotes.

  4. Angelica Dimeo says

    My son loves dogs

  5. Wendy Kirwan says

    My daughter loves unicorns and dragons! Her favorite animals are her two kittens right now, Flash (orange tabby) and Vibe (leopard tabby). And yes, they’re named after the DC superheros from the show/comics “The Flash”!!!
    Her most favorite stuffed animal is one she’s had since birth. A tiny little lamb with purple eye-shadow and a pink bow she calls Lambchop.

  6. My daughter’s favorite animal is a monkey

  7. great

  8. Sally Gearhart says

    My son has a yellow teddy bear that he sleeps with every night. He also has a favorite blanket and it has kittens on it.

  9. She has a moose she loves.

  10. Chris Nelms Caldwell says

    My son loves wolves and dinosaurs.These are so adorable. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Our son has a stuffed monkey that he loves!

  12. My granddaughter loves her Pokémon stuffed characters. I don’t know their names.

  13. My grandson’s favorite is Donald Duck.

  14. kathy pease says

    My granddaughter loves her stuffed poppy doll from trolls

  15. Leah Shumack says

    My daughter really loves all things unicorns!

  16. She loves giraffes.

  17. My son had a teddy bear he just loved for yea.. then he upgraded to some squishy t-rex thing

  18. We love teddy bears!

  19. Michelle C says

    For some reason, my kids are very interested in goats!

  20. She likes frogs.

  21. Jennifer H. says

    Our daughter likes frogs.

  22. katherine hensley says

    both of my children love stuffed animals my daughter has a collection of stuffed unicorns that are her favorite at the moment and my son has a collection of beanie boos that are his favorite

  23. These are just to cute.

  24. These are so cute! Thanks for introducing them to us!

  25. Angela Yang says

    These are so cute!! I want it for myself!

  26. You had me at cute and cuddly! Love these!

  27. Robin Abrams says

    Her favorite is a stuffed bunny she has. She carrys it everywhere

  28. linda marcheschi says

    my granddaughter would love these, so cute!

  29. Michelle Catallo says

    My youngest son loves stuffed dinosaurs, eldest dogs, and daughter cute things like moosh moosh.

  30. My grandchildren love all stuffed animals

  31. My son loves pandas and Dino’s.

  32. Kristen J. says

    My nieces favorite stuffed animal is a dog that my brother had growing up. it’s old and I think my parents bought it at a toy store years ago, it has no label so I don’t know who made it, but my niece loves it and carries it everywhere. 🙂

  33. wow

  34. Lisa Williams says

    My daughter.s favorite real animals are elephants but her favorite stuffed animal is a bear that she’s had since she was around 3 years old,she sleeps with it,she takes it on long car trips and over night stays at grandma’s house.

  35. jennifer bowen says

    my child has a lot of stuff bears and things but her one she likes a lot is a bunny that she has had since she was 1 day old and a lot of times it go’s every wheres with her

  36. My daughter loves leopards and stuffed animal leopards.

  37. Pauline Milner says

    Skyler has a teddy bear named Ozzie who goes everywhere with him. He got him when he was just a baby. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  38. They love kitties!

  39. My daughter’s favorite stuffed animal is a pink pig named Piggy. She wont sleep without it!

  40. Lindsay Overby says

    I absolutely love the glitter faced dragon with his tiny wings!

  41. Jessica Walker says

    My daughter collects TY Beanie Boos. Last time I counted she had about 80

  42. Their plushie birds.

  43. Samantha Wagner says

    My daughter loves any of her cat stuff animals.

  44. She loves her stuffed kitty

  45. Sock monkey, Dragon

  46. Jamie Martin says

    Mr. Turtlie!

  47. He has a special bear he made at Build a Bear that he loves very much.

  48. Catherine Lewis says

    My grandchildren both have a stuffed Panda Bear that I gave them at birth.

  49. My daughter has a giant stuffed monkey that she has carried around for years!

  50. She has a lil gray stuffed kitty she’s had since birth

  51. Abigail Gibson says

    My nephew loves his Snoopy plush toy.

  52. My nephews favorite stuffy is his panda and sloth. He brings them everywhere!

  53. Julie Lundstrom says

    My grand daughter’s favorite is My Little Pony or Paw Patrol.

  54. Nancy Burgess says

    My granddaughters favorite stuffed animals are Unicorns.

  55. Vickie Couturier says

    my grandaughters favorite is a stuffed unicorn she got for Christmas

  56. She loves her Pomeranian stuffed animal that looks like her real life pet Pomeranian named Georgie.

  57. My great nephew loves all his Paw Patrol stuffed animals 🙂

  58. My daughter loves her stuffed cat:)

  59. laura feist says

    a panda bear

  60. Darlene Taylor says

    really cute slippers

  61. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    My Son’s favorite was his Teddy-Bear! Over the years, Teddy’s fur got thinner & thinner from all of the cuddling!

  62. Ellie Wright says

    My granddaughter’s favorite is a pink cheetah she named Chelsea.

  63. My grandsons favorite stuffy is a teddy bear.

  64. Kelly Kimmell says

    My daughter’s favorite stuffed animal is a horse.

  65. Crystal Abel says

    I have one daughter that loves zebras and one that loves unicorns.

  66. Gina Ferrell says

    My daughters favorite animal is a panda.

  67. My daughter loves her Panda’s!

  68. Victoria Scott says

    My daughters love unicorns and llamas!!

  69. Antoinette M says

    My child’s favorite stuffed animal is a unicorn.

  70. Dorothy Boucher says

    One of the favorites would be a unicorn, although if you ask the boys it would be dragons.

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