Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate!

Smilebox recently released a new design called Tooth Fairy Certificate.  Smilebox is a free application to install and users can email and post their certificate to Facebook for free (with ads). They will need to sign up for Club Smilebox to print their certificate.

The tooth fairy takes flight and a lost tooth becomes official in this customizable certificate from Smilebox. Get started by downloading the design to your desktop or laptop. Choose a pink, blue, or gray color scheme, and enter all the important details – including how the tooth was lost and what treasure the Tooth Fairy left. Then share the big news with an email (free!), Facebook post (free!), or prints (sign up for the free 14 day trial to Club Smilebox to print your certificate).

Tooth Fairy Certificate from Smilebox

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  1. Jessica Flynn says:


  2. JAKUB WIERZBA says:

    Your tooth so shiny as a shark’s, a treasure for my cave so dark!