Advice For Turning That New House Into Your Family Home

If you’ve recently purchased a new property for your family, there is a reasonable chance you’re climbing over boxes at the moment to reach your bedroom. However, once you’ve managed to unpack everything; you’ll want to start decorating and renovating the house to turn it into your dream family home. The last thing you want […]

How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Kitchen

Redesigning a kitchen is by no means an overnight decision. Picking out new cabinetry and furniture is often an enjoyable experience, however it becomes a tad more difficult when a new interior paint color needs to be chosen. As many may already understand, the perfect choice requires a careful weighing of pros and cons in […]

5 Tips That Makes ‘Scents’

Scent. It’s the secret of a stylish home, a sophisticated space, an inviting and warm house. It’s that underlying and yet key part of interiors, of making something special in a way that people can’t quite put a finger on; like it’s a feeling more than anything. Add some special scents that mean something to […]

3 Tips to Prep Your Home and Family for Extreme Weather

Hurricanes, tornadoes and other forms of extreme weather are scary — you might be able to track them, but they can cause untold amounts of damage. While extreme weather can’t be avoided, it is important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature can dish out. What can you do prepare your home and family for […]

Tech That Gives Peace Of Mind While Traveling

For the most part, traveling is a wonderful thing. You get the chance to relax, explore the world, and do things you normally wouldn’t have the time or freedom to enjoy. However, the one downside of traveling is that many of us feel anxious about leaving our home unattended for the duration of our time […]

Signs You Need a New Furnace ASAP

Having a functional HVAC system in your home is incredibly important. In order to keep your house the desired temperature throughout the year, you have to dedicate time and energy to maintaining the various components of your system. The furnace, for example, plays a big part in keeping your house well-heated. If a problem develops […]

The Importance Of Feeling Good In Your Own House

We’ve all come to know a certain phrase over the years, at this point it is more of a mantra, and it has been said by more people than one could possibly count, but maybe due to that very reason alone, people have stopped taking it very seriously. After all, when you hear something all […]

Tackling Carpet Stains With Mean Green

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. Last month I started cleaning and purging like crazy. The beginning of the year is usually a slower time for me work-wise and I realized I really needed to get my house under control. I felt like it was going to burst at the seams with […]

Is your HVAC system in top shape? #HouseExperts

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. All across the nation, it seems like Mother Nature is either sleeping on the job or fighting with her husband! The weather has been crazy with snow hitting southern states and weather, in general, bouncing all around. Here in Chicago this week alone, we have […]