Wordless Wednesday: 1st Soccer Game!

Wordless Wednesday: Running in the Airport

Wordless Wednesday: Pregnant Barbie

Okay so she isn’t a real Barbie brand Barbie, but rather her name is Judith.  She was super cool and rare and I just found here in my attic.  I was cleaning up all my old dolls for Olivia to play with and Judith’s legs broke off, bummer.  Super cool though how she had a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy 3rd Birthday to My Baby Girl!

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Fashionista…

Wordless Wednesday: Cruise Selfie

Wordless Wednesday: Super Cute Princess Witch….Say What?

Wordless Wednesday: Husband Wins?

Wordless Wednesday: Parasailing!

Parasailing on our honeymoon from a stop from our cruise in the Virgin Islands!

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