Wordless Wednesday: From Nursery to Big Girl

Just moved my baby girl (she’ll be 3 in July) to a big girl bed and made over her room from nursery to big girl. I love it!

Wordless Wednesday: Why Yes Spiderman You Do Have Huge Muscles…

Wordless Wednesday: Yeah Right, I’ll Smile!

Note to self:  Don’t ask daughter to smile when she has food in her mouth!

Wordless Wednesday: My Son’s Goldfish Swim School Birthday Party #GoldfishSwim

My son turned 7 and we decided to have his birthday party at his swim school, Goldfish in St. Charles, IL.  We love it there and with a January birthday I figured it would be the perfect place!  Everyone had a blast and it was awesome to have the whole place to ourselves!  We had […]

Wordless Wednesday: Annual Birthday Dinner at 2Toots!

Of course I completely missed the train in the picture, but this is our favorite restaurant for birthdays and as you can see, everyone had a blast!  It was my 7 year old’s birthday, can’t believe he is 7 already!

Wordless Wednesday: My Brother & His Beard

This is my brother’s new hat…or should  I say beard?

Wordless Wednesday: Happy 7th Birthday to Aidan!

Wordless Wednesday: Possum on my Fence!

Wordless Wednesday: DJ “A” is in the House!