Tackling Everyday Tasks With My Acer Aspire 5

I partnered with Acer in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

I have always loved Acer computers. They are affordable but don’t lack modern technology. Acer has various lines of computers and laptops, one being the Acer Aspire line which is a computer line for the everyday user. As a mom and small business owner, I have found my new Acer Aspire laptop to be such a valuable asset and at around $500, it didn’t break my budget.

Back in 2016, I checked out an Acer Chromebook which is perfect for most tasks but my needs grew and I needed something with a few more power and features. I am not knocking my Acer Chromebook as we still use it but Chromebooks do have limitations mainly not being able to install programs on it or save items. They are not the most powerful laptops either.

Features of the Acer Aspire 5:

Giant 15.6 inch full HD screen – Okay so it’s not giant but it is when I’m used to an 11-inch screen! The HD part gives off an amazing picture quality that blows away other laptop screens. The screen is nice too to watch movies on because I gotta have my Netflix streaming.

Keyboard with numbers – Most laptops I have used do not have the number pad and I’ve missed it. With tax season ahead, I love that I have the number pad for quick input. It has taken some getting used to as the letter keys are not where I expect them to be and the keyboard is longer.

Sturdy case – I have thrown this laptop in my bag and trekked it around town with me and I love that I don’t have to worry about a flimsy design. This laptop seems like it will stand the test of time for my everyday use. It is a little heavier than I’d like but again I am getting used to it.

Fast – I am a busy mom and don’t have time to sit and wait. The Acer Aspire is super fast and I have not experienced delays while opening a million tabs that I usually open.

Amazingly fast WiFi – This laptop uses a 802.11ac wireless connection which means basically it connects faster than you expect it to! You can enjoy wireless data transfer rates of up to three times faster than those of 802.11n.

Lots of ports – There are ports for everything I need and then some!

Sound quality beyond what you’d expect in a laptop – Acer TrueHarmony is powerful surround sound. It is explained as “Sound you can feel” and it definitely feels like it is coming from a high-quality stereo system rather than a laptop. I have turned the music up and haven’t experienced any crackling as I have with other laptops or computers. There is also a Dual Digital Mic which gives off sound quality without background noise when you’re talking.

pic sound

Windows 10 – The newest Windows 10 means it is ready to go and includes all the latest features. It is amazing how far Windows has come and with this Windows it is so easy to visualize and customize menus with what I need. I am a visual person and love seeing all the icons and pictures. While this laptop is not a touchscreen, the visual menus still help.

Solid State Hard Drive – In case you haven’t heard of a solid state hard drive, it means basically that you have a way less chance of a hard drive failure as there are no moving parts in the drive. It is said that they offer higher performance than traditional hard drives as well.

Honestly, the Acer Aspire 5 laptop is pretty amazing. It hasn’t let me down yet and I keep finding one thing after another that I like about it. My whole family has actually taken to this laptop and honestly, my kids have probably been using it the most. The game they have been playing could not be installed on the Chromebook they usually use so this has become their go to for gaming. So while they don’t do hardcore gaming, that is another great thing to love about it.

Find your Acer laptop

Check out the Acer website to find what Acer product suits your needs.

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