12 Useful Laundry Tips And Tricks You Need to Know

Fresh and clean clothes are an essential part to our day to day life irrespective of our style, fashion habit, or tradition. However, most of us have had some disastrous experiences in washing by ruining a cloth or a color run. Once you have a quality washing machine or at least a mini washing machine, you need to know exactly how take best out of it. Here is a list of tips and tricks that would help you to avoid such weird events from next time.

  1. Carefully Examine All Garments

Clothes may carry undone seams, loose buttons, also inside your pocket there might be small coins, plastics, lip chap or other thin and small items that you forgot to remove. Check all the garments carefully and avoid the mess caused by such items like a hole or a missing button or a sticky color run etc.

  1. Do Read the Care Labels

Whether the particular item is machine washable, or the optimum temperature, or the type of wash required, or can the item withstand spinning cycles – all such information is mentioned on the care labels on your garment. So, for a proper wash, do make sure you have read the instructions.

  1. Pre-treat Stains and Differentiate Colors

If there are stains on your garments, make sure to pre-treat them with appropriate agents to avoid run in during the wash. To prevent any type of disastrous color run, differentiate the garments into whites, blacks or darks, light colored and delicate etc. for different washes.

  1. Washing Detergents

It is necessary to know that not all clothes demand same washing agents. Dosing details are also missed out by many of us. Washing powders are better for white and light-colored garments while washing liquids are better suited with darks, deep colors and delicate. Follow the dosing guide on the detergent’s packaging.

  1. Washing Temperature

Not all garments require hot cycles in the washing machine, many modern machines wash at 30-40° Celsius temperature and provides excellently clean clothes. Low temperature washes not only save electricity bill but also helps your garment’s longevity. Check the manual for proper temperature for each wash.

  1. Remove Common Stains

Wash the coffee stains immediately with hot water and castile soap, if the stain is old use a mixture of alcohol, ammonia and glycerin. Vinegar and lemon juice can fight off the tea stain. For, blood stains leave the garment to soak in cold water mixed with some salt for an hour. Paste made of equal amounts of cold water and cornstarch can help remove any stubborn blood stain. To remove any ink stain, turn the clothe inside out and blot the back of the stain with concentrated washing liquid dissolved in methylated spirits placing a kitchen paper below.

  1. Keep the Whites White

Using bleach is good but not good idea for the long-run, it may damage the fabrics. Curtains having smoke and grease on it should go for an intense cycle along with a good pre-wash. Pre-wash your tablecloths with bleach to retain its white glow but keep the caution in mind too.

  1. Washing Fabric Shoes

Remove the laces and wash them separately in a basin. Wash the shoe in cold water, with fabric softener and soap. To maintain the shape, put some newspaper inside after the wash before drying.

  1. Using Fabric Conditioner

Never ever put the fabric conditioner on top of the garments inside the drum of the washing machine. Any direct contact of the conditioner to your clothes will cause color run. So, place the conditioner in the appropriate drawer that is marked with a flower sign most of the time.

  1. Hang the Washing Out Correctly for Lesser Creases

Avoid hanging clothes on the washing line, this makes crease on your clothes. Hanging properly will not only help avoid creases but also will lessen the drying time and lessen the ironing too. You can put a small piece of fabric between your clothes and the washing line to avoid any crease. A proper use of the dryer can help a lot too.

  1. Fix the Color Run

Wash again before ironing the dyed garment and put a sheet of color-catcher inside. This should solve the issue and revive your garment’s color.

  1. Save Your Penny

Use bicarbonate instead of chemical stain removers. A solution of 3 times bicarbonate to cold water would remove stains from white natural fabric, you may put it together with washing powder or liquid for extra whitening. An easy alternative to fabric softener is white vinegar. Only pre-wash if necessary, follow the manual and care labels, set the right program for each wash and save energy and water.

These are some very useful tips to keep in mind when washing clothes.  Not doing things correctly can sometimes make you frustrated when your clothes get ruined. If you are someone who buys products online, check these product reviews.

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