11 Safety Guidelines if You Plan to Travel Alone

Traveling also known as a way to rejuvenate oneself, a breather from real life. A chance to discover yourself and other cultures.  Nothing is as fulfilling as traveling alone. But that comes with a lot more responsibilities. Because you are on your own, without anyone looking out for you in an entirely new environment. Away […]

More Fun, Less Work: Packages Can Make Vacation Planning Easy

If you’re like most of us, you look forward to your vacation all year long. There’s nothing better than being able to leave the responsibilities of work and home behind and focus on relaxing and having fun with your family. Family vacations are also a great time to catch up with your spouse and kids […]

Monster Jam Triple Threat 2019

My 10-year-old is a huge monster truck fan and he looks forward to seeing the Monster Jam show every year. This year was another fun experience with new trucks. First off I will say if you are going to your local Monster Jam show, arrive early! We arrived about 20 minutes early and waited in […]

Planning a Kid-Friendly Vacation Adults Will Like Too

When you’re planning a family vacation and you have kids, you want to find a balance. You want a trip that your kids are going to enjoy and that’s going to hold their attention, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so kid-centric that the adults aren’t happy. So how can […]

10 Reasons to Check Out Medieval Times – including if you have Food Allergies

I received complimentary tickets in exchange for sharing this information and my honest opinion. My family and I have been to Medieval Times numerous times and every time we go it is such a fun experience. My kids look forward to the show and most of all the food! So what makes Medieval Times worth […]

The Joys Of A Family Road Trip

If you are looking for a cheaper and easier way to vacation with your family this year, why not consider a road trip across the country? Road trips are a great way to experience a lot of different terrain and meet different people, and it has the absolute advantage of being considerably cheaper than going […]

Things to Do in Marrakech

Honestly, when I read about Marrakech, I had to look up where it is. I had no clue that Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco and that it was first established in 1062! Marrakech is located on the northern part of Africa near the Atlantic Ocean side. I have a whole list of […]

5 Essential Tips to the First Road Trip with a Newborn

A baby’s first year is filled with milestones. The first smile, word, crawl, walk, tooth, and more are all to be celebrated. At the same time, new parents are also achieving milestones of their own. First full night’s sleep in months, first date night out since baby, and eventually, first road trip.  When you have […]

Why You Should Visit Sandestin

When you imagine paradise, what do see? Maybe you picture miles of pristine beaches of dazzling white sand. Or, you might envision swimming in waves that glisten under the tropical sun. Perhaps you see yourself sipping a cold drink as the warm coastal air kisses your skin. No matter how you imagine paradise, chances are […]

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