Have you joined Nielsen’s Homescan Panel yet?

Just in case you missed my post from last month, here it is again!

If you haven’t heard of Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel, then you don’t know what you are missing! It is a pretty neat program and you get to help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve.

I belonged to Nielsen for about a year, but then we moved and I got sidetracked and they had to remove me. Okay so what do you do for Nielsen you are probably thinking, right? Well once you sign up you wait. If you are lucky enough they will select you right away, otherwise like in my case it took a few months. Then you will receive this scanner tool in the mail. You then scan the barcode of each item you purchase and when you are done for the day or week, you connect it to your computer via USB and upload your data to their site. It does everything for you, don’t worry. It is super easy and fun. I would always forget though and to stay an active Nielsen member you do have to submit data once a week.

What about rewards? Well for everything you submit or take their offered surveys, you get points. Then use those points towards items and gift cards.

It really is easy and if you are looking for a new interactive survey-like site, then I recommend checking out Nielsen. It does not cost anything! They mail you the scanner and if you do become inactive, you have a pre-paid label to mail it back. I promise there is no cost involved, just your time scanning and uploading the items.

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