Things to Think About Before Starting a Blog #GatorPress

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Back in 2008 when I started my blog, I didn’t start it to make money or even review products. I had read a few blogs and figured it was easy enough to do. I was going to blog about how to save money and mystery shopping because I was getting questions all the time about those two topics from my friends and family. I figured a blog would be a resource they could all read so I didn’t have to repeat myself.

Then I found that I really enjoyed blogging and there was so much more out there I could blog about. I didn’t realize how hard blogging actually was though and how much work would go into it. I still love it though and to this day I can actually say “I love my job!” If you are thinking of starting a blog there is a lot to consider both to start it up and maintain it.

Things to think about before starting a blog:


  • Pick a good name and buy the domain right away. Pick a name too that goes along with what you plan on writing about. I initially chose “Mama’s Money Savers” but after a year I discovered I didn’t want to be labeled as strictly a “deal” blogger. I decided to change my name and that was a big pain to do.  My name now (“Mom and More”) is more of a everything niche so whatever I blog about can fit under it.
  • Snag all the social media networks usernames with your blog name. I didn’t do this right away and I have different names for almost everything.
  • I understand you may want to go cheap (or free) to start off but do keep in mind that you will eventually need to pay and upgrade. I used free blog hosting when I started but soon after I changed over to paid hosting from HostGator.
  • Choose your platform. Again my platform was part of the free hosting I used but it wasn’t as professional as it could be so I opted for paid hosting on WordPress.


  • Order business cards. You will want to show off and share your blog with everyone and business cards will be a must have on hand.
  • Follow other bloggers on all their networks and start commenting everywhere. By commenting on other’s posts they may reciprocate and start commenting on your blog as well as all the other readers you will hopefully be gaining.
  • Write posts on popular topics and ones you think others will want to read. Write from experience or review products (places) you own. Don’t think just because you started a blog you will get boxes of products to review, plus you will want the experience of writing reviews before you actually have to for something sent to you.
  • Have patience and celebrate the little things. I remember getting excited when I had my 1st follower on my blog and then my 10th and 100th and so forth. Know that it will take time to grow your blog and just do your best.

Speaking of paid hosting, HostGator now has Optimized WordPress as their newest hosting platform. It is a platform specifically built for an optimized and managed WordPress environment. It comes pre-loaded with the most recent PHP version and handles all the core, theme and plugin updates automatically. The user won’t have to log in to their WordPress WP-Admin panel to do the updates, they will be done for them. The user can also their WordPress site without having to also navigate their cPanel (control panel) which is great for those not very computer savvy.

With HostGator Optimized WP, users can stop worrying about speed, support and security. It allows users to be able to spend more time on their business rather than maintenance and security. HostGator experts know exactly how to optimize WordPress and they support over a million WordPress sites a day. They even offer a FREE migration service to help transfer a user’s current WordPress site over to HostGator. Need more help? HostGator has included consulting service to ensure users have everything they need to get started on the right foot.



What else makes HostGator so great?

  • 24/7 live support via chat, phone and email
  • One click WordPress installs – no downloading or uploading various files
  • One click and start to use website builder – HostGator has a builder where you can drag and drop tools to design a website
  • HostGator offers design services if you need help from a professional
  • HostGator offers marketing services (SEO and PPC) to help generate traffic
  • Domains are available for one-stop shopping while your also buying a hosting platform

Check out HostGator Optimized WordPress for yourself to learn more.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

    I’ve been meaning to start one buy I feel the space is so saturated I may not make it.

  2. Great tips – I wish I’d bought my domain name when I first started, but I was pretty cheap back then. (I still am!) I’ve always wanted to get business cards. Have you gotten them, and who would you recommend?