“Best Birthday Party…Ever” From my 9 Year Old on Chuck E. Cheese’s VIP Birthday Party (And You Can Host One Too!)


So every year I ask my son where he wants to host his birthday party and it never fails that he chooses Chuck E. Cheese’s. We usually end up just going to Chuck E. Cheese’s as a family and then having a smaller kid party somewhere closer (our closest Chuck E. Cheese’s is 30 minutes away.) This year though I gave in and honestly I have never seen my son so happy. Its crazy too because I feel like we have spent more money on other parties and this party at Chuck E. Cheese’s has knocked all the other ones out of the park.

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Okay so what made it so amazing?

So I know this is not an option for everyone due to timing of day and limited times available, but we were able to host a Chuck E. Cheese’s Private VIP Party. No it wasn’t because were special or I paid a pretty penny for the exclusivity but a VIP Party is actually available to anyone!

What’s the catch? Well you do have to book a Mega Super Star party with a minimum of 10 kids at 8am Saturday or 9am Sunday but then your party will be the only party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Totally private and your party will have the whole Chuck E. Cheese’s to themselves. I know for some people the craziness of Chuck E. Cheese’s can be overwhelming so this makes it the perfect option if that has kept you from visiting in the past. I honestly liked it because I didn’t have to worry so much about my kids and I was able to relax.

The VIP Party will only show up if you select that you will have more than 10 kids and then click on Saturday/Sunday to see if the party is available at your location. For us the Sunday at 9 am was perfect but like I said I know the timing may be hard for some families.

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We chose the Mega Super Star package for our party (because you only turn 9 once right?) and while it is pricey ($23.99 per child) it really is amazing what’s included. I felt like we were on a gameshow where they just keep saying “And this is included…” “And so is this…” “Oh and don’t forget this too!” Chuck E. Cheese’s has three party options (Star, Super Star and Mega Super Star) and don’t get me wrong even the Star package is awesome but if you want to go all out the Mega Super Star option is the way to go!

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What we got with the Mega Super Star package:

  • Chuck E. birthday T-shirt (or you could choose a Superhero cape/mask or Princess cape/tiara)

chuck e cheeses 31

  • 2 hours of private table space (since we did VIP, we got the whole place to ourselves anyways)

chuck e cheeses 42

  • Ticket Blaster experience for birthday guest with chance at wining Magic Ticket worth 1,000 tickets

  • Star recognition in birthday show
  • 60 tokens per child – with every game and ride being just 1 token this means each child gets 60 games/rides!
  • Soft drinks with refills and 2 slices of pizza per child
  • Festive tablecloth and plateware
  • Party host/hostess – ours was amazing and was great with the kids
  • Free email invitations from Punchbowl

chuck e cheeses invite

  • 1000 Ticket voucher for  birthday star
  • Star collectible cup with free refills for the life of the cup (and each child gets to take it home)

chuck e cheeses 43

  • Chuck E Goody Bag per child. Includes cool Toys and Candy. (our party hostess had the kids decorate their own bags and fill them up with whatever they liked from this big tub of goodies.)

chuck e cheeses 50

  • Pull String Pinata loaded with 40 tokens and 400 tickets

chuck e cheeses 53

  • Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream cup per child

Our party was a huge success and all of my guests raved about how amazing everything was. Yes I realize I keep using the word “amazing” but everything really was amazing. There is nothing I would have changed and nothing I would have added – everything was over-the-top and has created a memorable experience for our family.
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chuck e cheeses 48

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chuck e cheeses 55

chuck e cheeses 454

I love that all I had to do was take a few minutes to schedule the party online and send out invites. Chuck E. Cheese’s did all the work thereafter – from calling to confirm the party specifics to hosting the party.

Here is my husband enjoying a game, which we never get to do when we are chasing after our kids:

chuck e cheeses 46

I don’t think I could ever top that party. I don’t know that I will be able to host a VIP Party next time I host one for my kids but I know even with a Star party my kids will still have a great time. We always have a great time wherever we visit and being able to experience a birthday party there just added to how much we love Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Check out what your local Chuck E. Cheese’s has to offer and create a memorable experience for your child’s next birthday.

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