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When I was younger, I had two favorite things: puzzles and coloring books. I remember laying around for hours coloring and putting puzzles together. Back then though there was only so many puzzles I could put together as I didn’t have that many.

Today’s kids though are lucky as with tablets there really is no end in sight of fun. From games, to new books, to various activities, tablets and smartphones offer endless amounts of fun.

Last year I downloaded the Puzzingo app for my 5 year old daughter and even to this day, it is one of her favortie apps. While she has completed all the puzzles over a year ago now, she still enjoys completing the puzzles.

With over 7 million downloads and 900 million puzzles played already, Puzzingo knew it couldn’t disappoint it loyal fans so it has added many new features!


What makes Puzzingo stand out from other apps?

Puzzingo not only offers a huge selection of puzzles but they also have activities kids can complete once they finish the puzzles!For example, in one where you build a dune buggy you get to race the dune buggy on a track. In the princess pirate one, your child gets to dress their princess with various outfits after the puzzle is done!  Lots of interactive fun to be had after completing the fun puzzles! So kids get the fun of completing the puzzles and then playing mini-games and activities within them!


Have kids who are different ages that want to play?

Puzzingo offers different levels of play: Super Easy and Easy. It’s perfect for growing with young kids. Puzzingo has won numerous awards as well so you know it is going to be a hit with your young child!


What are some key features of Puzzingo?

  • Over 100 beautifully illustrated learning puzzles


  • While playing puzzles, kids learn vocabulary in one of five different languages


  • Over 60 mini-games that complement the “fantasies of play” for many of the puzzles


  • Carefully designed and tested to be accessible for kids 5 years old or younger, and for children with special needs

  • Puzzles cover popular children’s themes including: dinosaurs, pets, cars, fairies, space, and more

What is NEW for 2016 in Puzzingo?

  • Five BRAND NEW puzzle packs cover awesome topics such as pirates, music, bugs, sports, and fairytales
  • All new free puzzles
  • Hunt for treasure, conduct symphonies, smash homeruns and dress-up for the ball in just a few of our 11 new minigames

Honestly the free version of Puzzingo can keep kids busy for quite sometime, its not just a trial version, and when they are ready you can upgrade to the Pro version of Puzzingo for even more puzzle fun. My daughter loves all the new puzzle editions and is so excited to have new ones!

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  1. Renee Rousseau says:

    Thanks for sharing! This app is awesome! My preschoolers love playing Puzzingo!!!

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