Choosing a Wedding Venue {Infographic}

The wedding venue you pick often decides every other element of the wedding. The style and atmosphere that a wedding venue creates often dictates everything else, from the cut of bridesmaid dresses, and the style of bespoke wedding cake you have made, to the floral arrangements that have been lovingly crafted. The venue is hugely important, so how can you decide what’s right for you?

There are tons of factors to consider, but the main problem will always be trying to accommodate the number of people you want there, for the budget you’re able to pay. First you need to pay the hiring fee, and will you be having the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening party there, or separate venues for each element? Then there’s the catering side of things; will you hire in your own team of culinary experts, or opt for a venue where this is included in the price?

It’s hard to know average costs when you first start looking, which is why we shared this handy infographic to help you. It lists all the pros and cons of each major wedding venue choice, and comes with a price tag guide too…

Which Wedding Venue Is Right For You?

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