Time for New Sheets?

An Overview of Bamboo Sheets

Cotton has long ruled the world of bedsheets. There is no doubt that it is a comfortable and versatile material, but there is a new guy on the scene that is starting to make people sit up and take notice. Bamboo is now being used to produce a variety of products in the same vein as cotton. This includes bed sheets, which are becoming quite popular for many various reasons.

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a type of grass. In the places where it grows, it functions as a tree. This means it does produce wood, unlike the grass you may think about in your front yard. Bamboo is sustainable because as long as the lumber isn’t harvested, parts of the bamboo that are usable can be harvested off the shoots and allow the bamboo to keep growing and regenerating.

Bamboo used to create fibers starts out very wood-like. It is soaked and treated in order to break it down into fibers. These fibers can then be used like threads to create goods. Sometimes it is blended with other materials to help soften it and make it more usable.

Basic Characteristics

Bamboo has many redeeming characteristics. To begin with, it is a renewable resource. Because the plant doesn’t die when it is not fully harvested, live plants can be harvested over and over again within a relatively short time without having to replant and start from scratch. In addition, it is versatile. Whatever is taken from the bamboo plant can be used in a variety of different ways.

It also is amazing in that it doesn’t use a lot of resources. It doesn’t need a lot of water or any chemicals to grow. It grows fast and it removes carbon dioxide from the air while also releasing more oxygen that other plants.

Finally, when bamboo products are thrown out, they are biodegradable. They won’t be sitting in a landfill taking up space for centuries. They will naturally break down and leave no trace.

When used in bedding products, bamboo is very soft and durable. It is great for all climates because it will keep in the heat and also keep the body cool. It also doesn’t shrink or get stretched out, so the sheets will always fit. Lastly, it is great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate and is naturally hypoallergenic.


If you are reading bamboo bed sheet reviews, you are likely to hear all about the many benefits that this material has to offer. To begin with, care is simple. You can wash them in your machine and dry on low. You should use cold water and a mild soap on the gentle cycle. You can also line dry and iron them, if needed, set on extra low. Although, don’t use steam on them.

As mentioned, bamboo sheets are also very soft. They are the highest quality sheet that is gentle to the touch. They are often compared to cashmere and silk because they are just that soft. In addition, they resist mold and mildew, along with not trapping allergens, so they make for a very clean bed sheet option.

A unique feature of this material is that it does not absorb ultraviolet rays. UP to 97 percent of these rays can be reflected by bamboo. This only adds to the durability of the product.


The good news if you are now very interested in buying bamboo sheets is that they are easy to find. They have gained in popularity, so you can find them almost anywhere. Some retailers focus on selling bamboo sheets, so you may find the best selection with one of these retailers. However, in general, these sheets are made in all the standard sizes. You may even be able to find custom made options if you have a special situation.

If you are looking for new bed sheets, then it is time to consider bamboo. While cotton is generally the old standby, bamboo offers you many benefits over cotton. It can be especially nice when you are struggling with allergy issues or you have sensitive skin. The soft, hypoallergenic characteristics of sheets made from bamboo is something that you simply have to try to really appreciate. Lucky, they are easy to find and can be bought in almost any size you need.

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  1. I love my bamboo sheets. So very soft and hold up well to washings.

  2. JEN DANTUMA says:

    I’ve never tried bamboo sheets, but I have a bamboo bathrobe and it is so nice…the fabric feels fabulous, it hasn’t faded, it washes up wonderfully, and it’s so comfortable and soft. I’ll keep an eye out for bamboo sheets the next time I’m in the market for some.

  3. Victoria Scott says:

    I have heard great things about bamboo sheets and now I may have to get a set. Especially since they seem to be so soft!

  4. I do need new sheets, and I haven’t tried bamboo yet. They sound wonderful, and I want to get them!