“Vampirina at the Beach” & Meet Her Before She Comes to Disney Junior

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Vampirina at the Beach

In VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH by Anne Marie Pace with illustrations by LeUyen Pham, Vampirina has monstrously fun beach shenanigans. This new picture book sets the stage for even more entertaining interactions, this time between vampires and werewolves, all accompanied by a gentle, tongue-in-cheek narrator. With a winsome mix of gothic and girly, Vampirina is a star, and her family and friends each contribute quirky humor that makes VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH the perfect read for both Halloween and beach fun!

There are fun illustrations on every page and the story is a quick read. There are just one or two sentences on the page so it’s not a long, hard story to read. Basically, the story is perfect for bedtime if you need it to be otherwise it’s a great book to flip through. My daughter loves just flipping through the illustrations and telling her own story since she can’t read it yet. It is a great big picture book format so perfect to give as a gift too whether the child likes Disney Junior or not. I like the story and character just because it is different and honestly I love adult vampire stories! Don’t worry though this character is not scary nor is there any mention of killing or blood!

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  1. John H. says:

    that would be swimming!

  2. Jennifer H. says:

    We like to go swimming and floating.

  3. giselle says:

    He loves to splash the water

  4. make big splashes

  5. Samantha says:

    My daughter loves to play in the sand and build sand castles!

  6. Stephanie Grant says:

    My son loves to “surf” at the beach!

  7. Shelley P says:

    The kids love to play in the sand at the beach.

  8. Julie Waldron says:

    We like to look for sea glass at the beach.

  9. RENEE WALTERS says:

    My son loves to build sand castles at the beach.

  10. My granddaughter loves swimming with her Mom & Dad in their pool. At the beach she enjoys clhasing the waves as they crash on the shoreline.

  11. vickie couturier says:

    my grandsons love to swim,,they are great swimmers,,the littler ones like to build sand castles

  12. They like to play with the sand at the shoreline because it easier to build the sand.

  13. My son loves building sand castles. My daughter liked walking along the beach looking for sea shells.

  14. Kayla Klontz says:

    My daughter loves to play in the sand, she buries herself and my son loves to play any game that you play in the pool or in the water.

  15. Ro Menendez says:

    Vampirina is becoming quite a favorite with my readers! We have yet to read her beach adventure!

  16. My kids love to jump in the pool from the side and let me catch them.

  17. We like playing tag!

  18. Randell Boice says:

    Who doesn’the love vampires?

  19. My kids are big on hole digging, castle building and shell collecting

  20. Victoria Scott says:

    The love to swim and splash around. When we go to the beach, sand castles are always a big win for us 🙂

  21. My great niece loves to wear her swim vest, thankfully lol My great nephew just loves to dump water on people lol

  22. Lana simanovicki says:

    My kids like doing belly flops in the pool

  23. Renee Rousseau says:

    We love to search for shells and pretty stones. We also like to catch minnows and crayfish for grandpa’s fishing because he pays for the bait!

  24. laura feist says:

    build sand castles

  25. They love to ride the waves.

  26. John Smith says:

    I suppose kids like beach balls and flotation vests?

  27. My grandkids could dig in the sand and collect shells for hours and hours.

  28. Angelica Dimeo says:

    My son loves using floaty’s in the pool

  29. Gina Ferrell says:

    My daughter loves to dive for pennies in the pool.

  30. At the beach, we would look for shells and build sand castles.