Honeymoon Hotspots for Your First Big Vacation Together

If you are lucky, you will have a lifetime filled with travel and adventure. You will see a little slice of everything the world has to offer. Even so, there are some trips that will always be more special than others. It is not just about where you choose to go, but why. The occasion is what makes the trip.

Even the language changes depending on the occasion. For business, you take a trip. For pleasure, you take a vacation. For your first vacation together with your new spouse, you take a honeymoon. Even if you go to the same region for all three events, the occasion gives each a special flavor.

A honeymoon is about romance and discovery. It is less about restful contemplation and more about taking the world by the horns and reveling in your new status as a married couple. Moissanite engagement rings serve much the same purpose. They announce to the world that your relationship has hit a certain milestone. No matter how many relationships you have seen before, this ring announces to the world that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Do the same with your honeymoon. Don’t take a cab to the airport. Take a limo. And don’t just settle for an ordinary destination. Make it special. This particular occasion will never come again. Here are a few ideas for where you should spend it:

An Exotic Beach

If you don’t live near a beach, every beach seems exotic. But even if you see a beach every day, you know that they are not all created equal. Find a beach that is far away from where and what you are used to. That is what makes it truly exotic. And for bonus points, make it one your friends have never been.

The beaches of Goa are a good start. It starts with a trip to the western coast of India along a stretch of the Arabian Sea. Visit Morjim Beach for great food and breathtaking photography. And when you are done there, stop by Palolem Beach for the party of a lifetime. Life may not be a beach. But your honeymoon most definitely can be.

A Romantic Cruise

In some ways, every cruise is a romantic cruise. And it is one of the best vacation values you can get. A cruise has lodging, location, great food, drinks, and all the entertainment you can handle. Some even have libraries and movie theaters. All of these conveniences are available to you in the ticket price. And you never have to leave the ship to enjoy what a cruise has to offer.

The destination is what really makes it a honeymoon cruise. The best honeymoon cruises come with ships in all shapes and sizes. But they all have great locations and excursions along the way. At least one of your once in a lifetime vacations should be a cruise. It just as well be your honeymoon.


There is something about Disney that makes it the perfect destination for just about everyone of all ages, cultures, and dispositions. It is fitting for all occasions. That is quite a feat. Perhaps that is why they call it the magic kingdom. And it definitely drips with romance and adventure.

Who wouldn’t want to live out that magical feast from Beauty and the Beast? No production company has put out more love stories that have enthralled so many generations, and will for many generations to come. Nobody knows romance like Disney. It is the once in a lifetime vacation that you will want to take again and again.

Honeymoons are special. So do something special. Don’t blow the entire budget on the wedding. Save some for an exotic beach, or an amazing cruise, or Disney in any of its magical forms.

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  1. Cynthia R says:

    We got married on the beach, we haven’t done a Disney vacation yet though~!

  2. All fun suggestions. My husband and I visited Yellowstone Park for our Honeymoon.