Light Up Ball Fun With Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite

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I remember when Wubble balls first came out and thinking that was that. I mean how to you improve a ball? Well, Wubble Balls have changed from making them bigger and stronger to smaller to ones that float and even can be filled with water. The newest Wubble Ball is one that…lights up! Yes, the Super Wubble Brite features a LED light-up color changing ability.

Just like other Wubbles, Super Wubble Brite is made to be squished, squashed and just played with. The super strong, super stretchy Xpandium material makes it so it is pretty durable but luckily if it does break there is a lifetime warranty. Let me add too that we have had to send in for a replacement and the process is super easy and quick, I just had to pay shipping and handling for the replacement which was cheaper than buying a whole new one. No these balls are not indestructible, but for the cost, I do think you can play with them enough to make them worth it. I highly recommend keeping it away from sharp objects, like pencils, as it will put a hole in it. Luckily you also get a patch kit which does work for the time being.

Setting up the Super Wubble Brite ball is pretty easy too. You get the pump, which is super nice to have on hand if you want to add some more air or if you need to reinflate the ball. The pump does require 4 AA batteries which you do want to make sure you have on hand, especially if you are giving as a gift. The pump is super easy to use then, just rub on some petroleum jelly (included) and push it in. The ball takes just minutes to fill up to your desired size.

My boys loved the lights on our Wubble Brite ball and thought it was so cool to throw around in the dark. They did not expect it to light up and were really surprised.

Overall, we had fun with our Super Wubble Brite Ball and I do feel we got our money’s worth out of the ball. We did end of tearing a hole in ours past the point of the patch kit but that is why the warranty is nice. The cost to replace of $6.99 is much cheaper than a new ball. My boys are also probably more rough with their toys than other kids!

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