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Every month I get some great books from Parragon books that my family gets to enjoy. The latest included some perfect books for kids to learn more about science as well as a cookbook for me to try out!

Who is Parragon Books?

Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, we make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe.

So what books did I get?

Dream You’ll Be

This is an adorable picture book all about kids talking about what they were going to be when they grew up. The illustrations are amazing and so bright and colorful. It is a great book that sparks kids imaginations to think about their future and various careers. The careers are ones that you might not think of such as an explorer, bee keeper, architect, surfer and more in addition to the traditional ones such as a doctor and police officer. My 6-year-old daughter loves the different jobs showing kids doing them. It ends the storytelling the child to dream so it’s a perfect bedtime book.

The Learnalots Thinking Skills

This is a great workbook series geared toward preschoolers that features the skills: sequencing, spatial recognition, matching, nature and science. There are 64 pages of math and science learning activities. It is a fun, thin workbook perfect to keep kids busy and learning. You may have to read the one sentence instruction to your child but then again they may figure out what they need to do just from the pictures. It is a simple book but its just enough to keep your child’s brain thinking.

Discovery Stem Stars Women Who Rocked Space

This is a smaller paperback book that real life female scientists. There are pictures of the women and their stories. I love how it features real women which I have been reading to my daughter to show that she can grow up like them. My daughter loves science and I want her to grow up knowing that she can do whatever she wants when she grows up. You never hear about women in science positions and this book brings them to light!

Discovery Stem Stars Women Who Rocked Medicine

This is another book in the Discovery Stem Stars series that features women who rock a particular science field. This book features real life women who were in the medical field. It is a great book to inspire young girls that they can do whatever they want when they get older, even a field typically dominated by males. I love the real stories that I can share with my daughter as they are simple enough to read and explain.

Bountiful Bowls

This is a hardcover cookbook that features bowl ideas to prepare. There are entrees, desserts, sides and more to prepare. So many recipes with color photos and all the serving information as well. Some of the recipes are a little more complicated than I’d like but there are plenty to choose from. I like that I can mix things up and prepare dishes as I’d like. I am pretty clueless in the kitchen but this book has given me some great ideas!

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  1. SHIRLEY SYMON says:

    I would choose these for my nephews. Anything that has to do with animals.

  2. Erika Sternberg says:

    These books are really cool.

  3. Debbie P says:

    These books are really cool. My son and nieces are each going to get some copies.

  4. Heather S says:

    My kids would love STEM Stars Space

  5. Pauline Milner says:

    I would love to have the Bountiful Bowls book. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  6. vickie couturier says:

    I like Dream You’ll Be

  7. Jennylyn Gross says:

    Stemstars medicine for my son who wants to become a doctor

  8. i might choose Discovery Stem Stars Women Who Rocked Medicine

  9. Holly Thomas says:

    I think I would choose Thinking Skills if I were to win this.

  10. STEM Space.

  11. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I would like the Dream You’ll Be

  12. I would choose the book Dream You’ll Be for my grandson.

  13. If I won, I’d choose the book Bountiful Bowls.

  14. I would pick the bountiful bowls book!

  15. Laura Feist says:

    I would pick women who rocked medicine

  16. Peggy Nunn says:

    I would pick Women Who Rocked Medicine

  17. I would choose Women Who Rocked Medicine!

  18. I would pick the Dream You’ll Be book for my grandkids.

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