Buying Tickets for the Family Without Service Fees

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As a family of five, there are many things we do not do because it costs too much. Tickets for theater performances, sporting events, and concerts can really add up in price when you need to buy five tickets. If it was just tickets it wouldn’t be as bad but then you have to factor in the cost of parking, food, souvenirs and travel. The service fees alone can be a killer, especially when you think the total price is affordable and then get hit with tons of fees. I remember my kids begging to go to a concert last year and I agreed when I read the tickets were just $19.99 a ticket but then those tickets were all sold out of not with seats together and after all the hype of this concert, I had to do what I had to do to get these tickets. I ended up paying more than double for the “expensive seats” after all the fees and our seats were in the far away section!

There are “service fees” everywhere it seems like and it’s not $1-$2 but more like $10+ per ticket. Everyone needs their cut from the tickets is the justification. Well, Ticket Club is a website where you will never pay a dime of service fees. It is a membership site where the first year is $49.99 and then just $9.99 a year afterward. For my family, the cost of the membership could be covered in the savings from one event! Plus there is the convenience of buying reliable tickets from a reputable site rather than a stranger.

Where does Ticket Club get its tickets from?

Ticket Club scours the world’s largest and most reliable exchange for the same seats everyone is looking for – you just pay less for them. They offer a 100% Guarantee that the tickets you buy from them will be valid and shipped in time for the event.

Ticket Club is a resale marketplace, meaning you are not buying direct from the venue or event seller. Tickets are bought from licensed sellers and then resold at a price determined by original purchaser.

How do you save on tickets from Ticket Club?

Well, Ticket Club is able to cut certain costs due to a special relationship they have with their ticket exchange. While ticket “scalpers” have always been out there buying up tickets and then re-selling at a profit, Ticket Club is able to sell tickets at a much lower profit margin because they don’t need to pay a ticket exchange.

Buying Tickets for the Family Without Service Fees

So now that I know I can get tickets to a baseball game at an affordable price that I see up front and I don’t’ have to pay fees, it is something I can treat my family to. The Ticket Club website shows me exactly where the tickets are, how many are available and how I will receive the tickets. I could actually buy tickets in minutes rather than searching varies websites for the best deal, since I already know I am getting the best deal at Ticket Club!

I was even able to check out Packages and Parking Passes for the event! It seriously could not have been easier!

Get your FREE Ticket Club membership

By using the Ticket Club promo code: momandmore on the Ticket Club website– anyone who enters the code when setting up an account will receive a free one-year free membership to get their own access to great tickets from Ticket Club!

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