Sunglasses Less Than $2 a Pair Shipped & More Hot Deals!

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Yeah for cheap but still quality sunglasses!

8 Pack Of Name Brand Sunglasses – You choose Men’s or Women’s – Just a $1.87 per pair! They retail for $20-$30 EACH in stores! SHIPS FREE!

Stock up on name brand sunglasses for just $1.87 per pair!! I got these last year for both my husband and I, we loved every pair except maybe one each (wasn’t really our style.) Still an amazing deal even if you only like one in the bunch!

The adult pack pack will include a mix of sunglasses from Foster Grant, Ironman Cosmogirl, Revlon, ESPN, X Games, Eagle Eyes, Pugs, Panama Jack, and more.

Sunshine or not, your eyes still need protection all year round. The sunglasses are randomly mixed with brands you would find in convenience stores, super discount stores and more. They are then carefully packed by hand to randomize as many styles as possible.

Some other hot deals are:

Universal Car Opening Lock Out Kit – 9 Piece Set! Never be locked out again!! – SHIPS FREE! Never worry about getting locked out of your car again with this handy car opening kit for just $14.99!

15 Pack of Removable and Reusable No-Damage Wall Swivel Hooks – One for $5.99 or Two for $9.98, just 33 cents a hook! SHIPS FREE! Don’t put holes in the wall just to hang something! Get these no-damage wall hooks for as low as 33 CENTS per hook.

SEE THE VIDEO! These are so fun! – Rocket Copters – The Amazing Slingshot LED Helicopters – As Seen on TV –  SHIPS FREE! Light up the night with the incredible new Rocket Copters for as low as $5.99!

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