Going Beyond With Starlink Battle for Atlas

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So when I first heard of Starlink Battle for Atlas, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We have tried other video games with toys and they were a hit but my boys were younger. I wasn’t sure my 10 and 11-year-old would like a video game with toys now. To say they liked Starlink Battle for Atlas would be an understatement. They have played it like crazy since we got it!

Features of Starlink Battle for Atlas:

You mix and match pilots, ships, wings and weapons for your starship with physical toys and then they appear instantly in the game. We had no trouble at all getting our pieces to appear and use.

You can explore alien planets and battle in challenges. There is no gore or realistic fighting to worry about for young players.

You can play two-players! This is huge for us since I have two boys who love video games. They love being able to play together and in this game they can team up to play together.

You start with a Starter Pack that comes with the game, a ship, controller mount to mount the ship on the controller, weapons, characters and poster. It is a great starter kit for the price! You don’t have to buy the starter pack as there is a digital version available but the starter kit is a great set for a more physical gameplay experience.

You can buy additional toys to enhance the game. This makes it a great way to give additional gifts or have kids save up to buy their own additional pieces.

Kids won’t realize they are strategizing, problem-solving and working together!

You could play with the toys even when not playing the video game.

For a second player, they don’t need toys, they just join in and they will have access to choose their own virtual pieces. You just need a second regular controller.

The Nintendo Switch System version features the exclusive piece: Star fox’s Fox McCloud. Fans of the old classic Star fox will love bringing him alive in this new game!

We have the Nintendo Switch version and it is cool that it can be played anywhere! Now if you are playing on-the-go (without the Switch dock connected to the tv) you can only play single player but it is still a fun option.

Honestly, this game has blown my family away. The graphics are amazing and there is so much to do. My boys were absolutely engaged in the game and even go their friends excited to play. I love that it is a game the whole family can play and I don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate. There are so many video games out there and this one is unlike any other ones my kids have played. It is a game too that kids won’t get bored off as there is so much to do!

Check out Starlink Battle for Atlas

You can buy Starlink Battle for Atlas for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. There is also a digital version available.

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