Tips for a Kid-Friendly Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about. You have to find the perfect dress, pick the perfect venue, plan a menu, choose some music, and create and send out invitations. Luckily, resources like Azazie, The Knot, and Shutterfly can make all of that easier. There’s something else you might want to consider, though, while you’re starting to plan and making preparations—if you have a big family with lots of little kids in it, or already have kids of your own, you may want to do certain things to make your wedding more kid-friendly.

While the day is all about you and your fiancé and it shouldn’t turn into a giant kids’ party, tweaking your plans a little bit to accommodate parents with kids will mean a lot to all guests. There are a number of ways that you can make your wedding more kid-friendly without changing your entire day—here are a few:

Consider hiring a babysitter. You’re already hiring a caterer, a photographer, a DJ, etc. Why not hire a babysitter, too? Parents attending your wedding will be grateful for the chance to take in the ceremony without having to worry about their kids making too much noise, running off, or getting into trouble.

Incorporate a few kid-friendly activities. Rather than setting out place cards, consider setting out placemats and crayons for kids to color. You can also set up stations where kids can build with Legos, draw pictures on a table covered in butcher paper, or play hopscotch to keep themselves preoccupied in a constructive and positive way.

Set up an area specifically for kids. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive club? Setting up a tent or area specifically for kids, filled with kid-friendly activities, treats, and a couple of adults to keep everything under control will give parents a much-needed break and keep kids entertained throughout the celebration.

Opt for an earlier ceremony and reception. It may be somewhat nontraditional, but opting for a morning ceremony or starting in the early afternoon is a great way to keep kids happy and help parents attend. Because children typically have earlier bedtimes, parents can’t always make it to weddings or stay for receptions. By bumping up the start time, everyone will get to celebrate and participate in your big day without bedtime getting in the way.

Have bubbles. Need we say more? Kids love bubbles! Whether you set up a bubble machine, a bubble station where kids can get wants and refill their bubble containers, or give out little bubble bottles, they’ll be happy and keep each other entertained for quite a while.

Have the DJ play a few kid songs. Nobody wants to hear or try and dance to The Wheels on The Bus or The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, but there are other kid songs out there that your DJ can play. Ask him or her to play a few Disney songs now and then like Let It Go, or Part of Your World, or Under the Sea. They may not be traditional wedding songs, but they’re fun to dance to, and kids and older guests won’t be able to help but jump up and move and sing along.

Ask your caterer to have a kid-friendly option available too. When you’re planning a menu, you probably aren’t expecting to include hamburgers and hotdogs, but offering kid-friendly options like burgers and dogs or chicken nuggets with French fries on the side will make parents and kids happy. Most kids don’t have a taste for or appreciate smoked salmon, and they’ll be much happier with more of a “classic” option.

Have your kids walk down the aisle. If you and your soon-to-be spouse already have kids of your own, incorporating them into the ceremony is a great way to make it more special for both them and you. You can have them walk you down the aisle if your parents aren’t available, or you could include them as ring bearer and flower girl. In a way, it’s a special day for them, too; it will mean a lot to them to be included.

Let your kids make promises, too. If you or your soon-to-be spouse are bringing kids into the marriage, your wedding is a great opportunity to not only make vows to your spouse but to your stepkids, too. After you’ve said your vows, consider taking the time to make promises and commitments about how you’ll take care of and look after your step kid(s) as if they are your own.

Final Thoughts

Although your wedding day is all about you and your fiancé and a celebration of your union, if you have kids of your own or lots of guests who have young kids, making your wedding more kid-friendly could make the day a little bit more special and will go a long way with parents. What other ways could you make your wedding more kid-friendly?

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