5 Reason Why I Use Wikibuy

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine on Facebook shared that she saved $20 from a Google Chrome extension called Wikibuy. She said she was shopping from Fab Fit Fun which is normally $49 but then found a coupon code for $10 off and she was able to use the $20 off from Wikibuy making her first Fab Fit Fun box only $19.  I was instantly curious as I never heard of Wikibuy before and I am all about saving money shopping online.

After heading over to the Wikibuy website and stopping crying all the tears from money I could have saved using Wikibuy, I immediately downloaded the Google Chrome extension for Wikibuy for my next purchase. Don’t worry though if that sounds like a foreign language to you – it prompts you on your computer to download and installs it automatically if you want. Seriously super easy.

You can also use Wikibuy on your phone:

5 Reason Why I Use Wikibuy

  1. It’s a free way to save money with nothing to lose! You shop normally on whatever site you want (Amazon, eBay, Walmart…) and Wikibuy will apply the best code available at checkout. The coupon codes are updated in real-time based on which codes saved other Wikibuyers the most. There is no paperwork or rebate forms to fill out.

2. It does all the hard work of searching for the best coupon code for you so you don’t have to keep searching online for the best deal.

Here, for example, is a search on Amazon I did for an Echo Dot, it popped up saying I could save $13 and linked me to where to buy it for less!

3. It lets you know when prices drop on products you’ve viewed and purchased.

4. You can scan any barcode or search for any product and Wikibuy tells you the prices available at top retailers.

5. I can link my credit card and even dining at local restaurants can earn me cash back! This one is probably my favorite because its basically surprise money! I linked all our credits and then forget about it, then once we pay at one of the listed restaurants, we automatically earn credits towards purchasing products on Wikibuy! No coupons to deal with!

Heck even my local Mobil gas station can earn me 2% back just by using my regular credit card!

Honestly you have nothing to lose using Wikibuy. Does storing your credit card online make you nervous? Don’t do it then! You can always just save shopping normally on sites you are comfortable with and still save some money with their coupon codes and deal recommendations! I honestly can’t believe though I never heard of this hidden gem!

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  1. I will have to look into Wikibuy. Thanks!

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