4 Easy Plumbing Tips that will Help You Save Money

The cost to replace the plumbing system in a 1,500 square foot home may easily exceed $10,000. That’s a scary figure for most. The good news is, there are steps that you can not only take to prolong the life of your plumbing system, but also to help you save money.

This includes saving money by avoiding repairs and service calls and prolonging the life of the pipes and components in place.

Keep in mind, if you ever are in a situation where you need plumbing services, help or new installation, it’s best to contact a professional service, such as www.wilcoplumbing.com.au. However, until the time arrives for professional services, use the tips here to actually save money when it comes to your home’s plumbing system.

  1. Replace Any Outdated Faucets

Do you know when the right time to replace a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom is? A good rule of thumb is if it is old an outdated, you should replace.

The fact is, faucets do much more than just enhance the aesthetics of your sink. They also work to adjust the total amount of water that passes through them. As time passes, this may increase your water costs.

Today, you can purchase faucets with new, eco-friendly designs that control the amount of water being used while reducing water flow by about 30 percent (or more). Try to find products featuring the WaterSense label and that are backed by the EPA.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Water Meter

Your home’s water meter runs from the outside water main line all the way to a small metered box that is located on the exterior of your home. When it comes into your home, there’s another meter controlling the water flow.

You need to check this area regularly for any signs of a leak. Do you notice the water meter is moving, even though there’s no water on in the house? If so, then there’s a good chance you have a leak. At this point, calling the professionals for a full inspection is the best course of action.

  1. Watch Out for Drips

While puddles of water present on your basement floor are obvious signs of a leak in your plumbing system, there are other issues that may not be as noticeable. For example, a cracked pipe or loose valve can result in the buildup of condensation.

If you don’t find the issue, then mold and odor-causing bacteria may begin to form. If you even suspect a leak, the best thing you can do is call the professionals for a full inspection.

  1. Upgrade Your Home’s Water Heater

One of the best and easiest ways you can reduce your water costs is to replace your hot water tank, if it is more than 10 years old. The older models used in many homes can cause higher electric and gas bills every month.

The best (most affordable) option to consider is an on-demand gas water heater. These provide you with water that is heated on-demand, which means you don’t have to store heated water. If you opt to keep your existing unit, consider having it drained every six months to help flush out any impurities and improve its overall performance.

If you want to save money and help extend the longevity of your home’s plumbing system, then you should use the tips and information here. Also, any time you notice an issue with your plumbing system, be sure to call for repairs and help right away. This will help prevent the issue from getting worse.

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