Soccer Fever With HEXBUG Robotic Soccer

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

With soccer fever in full swing, it is hard to not want to join in. The excitement is everywhere we go and everyone seems to want to join in the fun. One company that you wouldn’t have expected that joined the soccer bandwagon is HEXBUG. Yes those silly robot bugs are now soccer fans thanks to the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.

The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena is a whole soccer arena that comes with two remote-controlled Robotic Soccer players!

Setting up the soccer arena is super easy and everything just clips into place. It is not the sturdiest arena but once set up, it is fine to play on. We have ours set up permanently on our living room coffee table. It is a nice piece of art right now, showing off our soccer fever! Oh and these guys do need batteries but luckily they are included!

To play you just sync each controller with each HEXBUG (I recommend doing it in separate rooms so the signals don’t get confused when trying to sync) and you are ready to play. The HEXBUGS move forward and backward and even shoot the ball when you are ready to. The controls are super easy and there are not a ton of overwhelming buttons.

To really get into soccer, you can even add your own soccer team sticker on any of the six interchangeable tops! My boys couldn’t decide so they haven’t used any stickers yet.

Honestly, this set that is for ages 8 and up has entertained my boys (ages 10 and 11) a lot more than I expected it to. They have played with almost daily and have even thought of creating a new arena for them out of blocks that is bigger and has obstacles. They have even asked for two additional Robotic Soccer HEXBUG guys so they can play 2 on 2 with their friends. Really this set is one that I see my boys playing with for awhile and not tossing aside like they have done with other new toys.

Check out the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena

The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena is a can be found on Amazon or wherever toys are sold. You can also buy additional pieces for it.

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