Throw An Awesome Party For Your Little One With These Hot Summer Trends!

Feeling overwhelmed about your kid’s birthday party? You’re not the only one. Organizing such an event can be a real challenge, mainly if you aim to make it a day that your little one will remember for years to come.

Here’s a list with hot summer trends that you can adapt to plan the perfect party for your daughter or son!

Organize a Themed Birthday Party

There’s nothing new in themed parties, you’d be tempted to say.

It is when you organize the entire party around the theme. Children pay more attention to details than adults, so you should consider the party theme for every element, from food and drinks to decorations.

If you organize a kitten themed birthday party for your daughter, for example, focus on cats from A to Z and beyond. All your party supplies should be related to cats: invitations, printables, plates, glasses, a kit for face painting to have all girls wearing dark noses and whiskers, a cake that relates to cats, to mention a few.

From classic Disney princesses to Star Wars and galaxy-themed events, every dream can become a reality for your little one. The more extravagant the theme, the higher the efforts to make everything perfect.

If you organize a themed birthday party for your child, set a budget first, then choose something that won’t drain your savings account.  

Reinvent the Traditional Sleepover

Children love glamping. No matter what you think, boys enjoy a sleepover as much as girls do. The idea of staying up late, playing, and sleeping all together gives new dimensions to a birthday party. Plus, it’s a bonding experience that any child should have at some moment in his or her life.

Whether you set tents in your backyard or turn your living room into a bedroom, there’s no way you can’t be wrong with this party. Make sure your children and their guests are old enough to organize themselves for bedtime, and they’ll do the rest.

Add some pizza, snacks, a couple of games, and you have everything set for the perfect evening for your child. Make sure you have an updated list with phone numbers from all parents. And, don’t forget to organize a healthy breakfast the following morning.

Children Love Colors

Kids don’t care about the color of the year or the elegance of a black-and-white event. Children relate to colors differently than adults — they prefer vibrant, light colors. Go for red, orange, blue, green, yellow rather than shades of pink or pastel.

Balloons are a quick and cheap method to add more color to your children’s birthday party. Better yet, they bring joy and invite all guests to have fun and play. Depending on your budget, you can buy simple balloons and blow them up by yourself, or buy a balloon installation that will surprise your little one and the guests.

Responsible Parents Buy Healthy Food

Birthday parties used to be synonyms for eating unhealthy snacks, tons of sugar, and too many candies. It’s not the case anymore. Most parents have an increased interest in teaching their children healthy eating habits, and this approach should influence your party menu.

Whether you cook all the food yourself or order it, take the time to check the ingredients and the number of calories. There’s plenty of ideas online to get inspiration for a healthy, but still inviting meal for guests of all ages.

Include vegetables, homemade dips, pasta bites, fruits, healthy ice cream, fresh drinks, and any other food that your little one enjoys. Make it funny, and all your guests will enjoy your menu, regardless of their age. All the other parents will appreciate your effort.

Entertain Your Guests with Games and Activities

Thinking about gathering all kids in one room and let them play by themselves? It may not turn out such a good idea. Children today are fond of smartphones and video games, so having them playing together may be more difficult than it used to be when you were young.

You must engage your guests in social activities and funny games, to keep them happy. Kids get bored pretty quickly, so you should have a long list of party games and activities for indoors or outdoors party, depending on where you plan to make things happen.

If you’re not the right person for the job, hire someone or ask a friend or relative to give you some help.

Celebrate Your Little One with a Customized Cake  

There’s no birthday party without a birthday cake. Cutting the cake is the crucial moment of the entire event. After all, the joy that comes with the candles and the wishes make it all worth it.

The cake should reflect the theme of the party. It should also be healthy and tasty. And, if you want to be a trendsetter, you should order or make a drip cake — they look amazing and seem to have everyone fascinated with their dreamlike effect.

These trends can help you organize a beautiful and fancy birthday party for your little one. With imagination and some planning skills, your event will make everyone happy, starting with your child and ending with other parents.

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