11 Things To Know About Mortgages

When we finally make it to real adulthood and start to build a life for ourselves, one of the biggest things we often think about is buying a home and having our own little space to call our own. During our lifetimes it can take a lot of time for us to save up for a mortgage and find the right home for us, and today we are going to take a trip into the world of mortgages and give you some handy tips and knowledge to use when you buy your first home.

Know that there are extra fees

When we are younger and we are researching the possibility to buy a new home it is easy to think that the only thing we need to pay for is the deposit and the mortgage itself. However once we start to explore further into the world of finances we realise that there are fees of real estate agent and solicitor to think about as well as ground tent and stamp duty. Make sure that you know every thing you’ll have to pay before you start and this will make your life so much easier.

Save a big deposit

It is so crucial when you are looking for a home that you start off with the biggest deposit you possibly can. This will make your life much easier when it comes to monthly payments on your home and it will allow you to live a much more comfortable life day to day. The more you can put down as a deposit the more likely you are to be accepted for a mortgage and also, the more likely you are to be able to get a shorter term.

Know your credit score

When we take out a mortgage we are essentially taking out a form of credit which we will pay back over the years and eventually buy the property outright. A mortgage is a long term investment which we can make and it is important for us to be accepted for this as soon as we can. A credit score is something which will tell lenders how trustworthy you are and how likely you are to pay back anything which you borrow. You need to have a good credit score to be accepted for a mortgage so take the time out to find out your credit score now with Experian and if it isn’t too good, make sure that you work to make it better.

Pay off debts

Speaking of things we can do to increase our credit score: if you currently have any debts which need to be paid, be sure that you take the time to pay them off as soon as you can. Once you have a mortgage this will become the most important bill you pay and debts can then be pushed down the pecking order and left to accumulate over time. It is always best for you to pay off debts which you have early and then you can begin your years as a homeowner with a fresh slate.

Update your address

It is super important before you attempt to do anything with your mortgage that you get all of your information updated and in order. If you have moved from one place to another in the last few years, make sure that your credit cards, car insurance and medical records are all updated and correct. When they run a background check on your before your mortgage is approved this will be something which is important and it will affect the trust they have in you when giving out a mortgage.

Try to pick a regular home

This might seem like something which is totally obvious, but you are much more likely to be able to get a mortgage on a semi detached house than you are with a commercial building which has a fat on top. When you are thinking about moving into a new place be sure to think about the type of property you are buying and take the time to choose one which will be easy to mortgage. It will save you a lot of time and will allow you to move into your new home without any issues.

Get your documents in order

When it comes to a mortgage there will be several things you need to provide to your lender in order to verify your identity as well as to make sure that you can afford a mortgage. For example you may need to take your birth certificate and a passport to verify who you are, and then you could need to provide 3 months of bank statements so that your lender can see the type of financial commitments you have and they will be able to assess what you can possibly afford every month.

Provide self employment evidence

If you work as a freelancer or you have your own business then the way you are paid will be a little different to being in a business. You will likely find that you have to provide invoices and evidence of where you work and the kind of work you do. Think about your tax return and provide this as evidence too so that you can prove you are earning a decent income from your venture. Stability is a huge factor for lenders because they want to ensure that if you are employed that you will stay employed and be able to pay off your bills each and every month after the agreement is made.

Think about size and shape

Mortgages aren’t something which only come in one pattern or style. They come in many different sizes and can fit to suit different people. For example you could have a regular mortgage for a term of 25 years where you simply pay the same value every month and slowly pay off your home, or you can try different types of mortgages to suit your special circumstances. Take a moment to have a look around and see what is on offer for you. If you are unsure an expert will always be willing to help you.

Shop around

When you want to apply for a mortgage it isn’t a case that you have to take what you are given. In fact, you have a lot do control over what you do as a buyer and you can search for different lenders to suit your needs. Every lender will be trying to get as much commission out of a deal as they can so they will offer competitive deals for you. Visit a few different lenders and express your interest and this can allow you often to get a better interest rate and mortgage payment for your new home.

Take your time

It is important never to rush into a decision which will cost you so much money over your lifetime. When making the decision to apply for a mortgage just step back and make sure that this is definitely what you want. A mortgage is a long term thing and if you want the freedom to travel or explore new avenues of your career, settling down might not be the right choice at this point in your life. Consider your options and make sure that you think things through and make sure that everything works for you. It is your life and your money so you have to be sure that it is going to the right place in the end.

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