11 Safety Guidelines if You Plan to Travel Alone

Traveling also known as a way to rejuvenate oneself, a breather from real life. A chance to discover yourself and other cultures.  Nothing is as fulfilling as traveling alone. But that comes with a lot more responsibilities. Because you are on your own, without anyone looking out for you in an entirely new environment. Away from anything that is familiar.

So before you begin your trip here are ten ground rules you need to be aware off:

1. Know your surroundings, which means doing in-depth research to where you will be staying, what is the neighborhood like. The place you are staying at does it have multiple good reviews? Check trip advisor, Airbnb and other online forums. Be aware of your surroundings whether it is crossing the road? A new neighborhood where you are just grabbing food. The idea is if you can visualize it you can possibly deter it. In a hypothetical situation, you are walking, and someone is walking too close to you, or anything which doesn’t seem ordinary. Your mind needs to act fast. If you are distracted, it’s not the right signal for any attacker, making you an easy target.

2. Avoid lodging with more people. If you are a solo traveler, it is best to pay for a single Accommodation. Because in your encounters you don’t know the type of people you may meet. So instead of being in an uncomfortable crisis, it is best to avoid such a scenario. Also, the place where you are booking makes sure you ask them about your lodging this before you confirming your stay. You don’t want to end up in a new place with added issues. Though it is recommended you meet fellow travelers, explore.

3. Hold your belongings close to your body. For women and men make sure, you wear your bag or purse cross body making it difficult for anyone to snatch it from you. Place your hand on top of your valuables at all times. If you do need to place your belongings on the floor between your feet.

4. You would need to select your transport attentively; stay awake at all times. And be aware of your surroundings. Especially all places which are tourist central those areas are pickpockets’ favorites.

5. Be in touch. When you are traveling alone, one needs to have scheduled check-ins with at least one person back home. It is just a caution that is for your safety. And it is just a reminder of your loved ones.

6. While traveling it is advised to be registered with an international medical provider. The experts at Click Pharmacy recommend this to anyone who’s going abroad. They stress on making sure all your check-ups and vaccinations are in check and its always advisable to carry a medical kit along including all the necessary medicines like anti- malarials and anti-allergies. They further push everyone to register with a care provider abroad, saving you the trouble and the discomfort of trying to navigate to the closest clinics in the areas of your stay. Also, with this, your language needs are catered to.

7. Carry copies of your documents and a list of all the significant phone numbers (preferably written down). This saves you from any difficulties you may find yourself in.

8. Money; be cautious with it, careful. Do not carry all of it with yourself. Keep some back at the hotel, some on you and leave some with the help desk in case of emergencies. It is a sort of an insurance policy for any unforeseen circumstances.

9. Make sure your phone is always charged and on a plan that will be beneficial to you. You don’t want to return home and find yourself with a roaming bill which might as well have caused you an arm. Your cell is one device that you should have at all hours. Thus invest in a battery pack too. The importance of this device is that it connects everyone together no matter how many miles set them apart. In today’s world, the phones even have great cameras, allowing you to capture not just the moment but the aura too. This also allows you to share your adventures with your network, and it’s a portable device that can cure boredom. Even on your mobiles, you can books, games, seasons and movies and music all in the palm of your hands. And one of the most crucial safety requirements from cell phones is the build in torch it has at the back. The advanced cell phones of today just make your travel so much easier.

10. Be alert, while it is all right to assume that everyone you will meet on your travels will be a splash of color. Some people don’t always have the best intentions at heart for you. Do not at any costs share essential information about your trip. Example how long are you in town for, where are you staying, what are all your travel plans. Discretion in such matters is another safety guideline. If you are wearing headphones, make sure you aren’t wearing both headphones.

11. Be bold, confidence says a lot about a person. Anyone who has self-esteem issues or isn’t confident enough comes off as an easy target. (Again, especially for pick picketers). If you are taking a cab to take a picture of it before you sit in it. There is the obvious avoid places that are dark alleyways. If you are on a bender to just party and drink. Always be in control and most importantly know your limitations. Chances are you never know when you have to be in control of the entire situation, and your intoxicated self might just prove to be a task on its own.

No two cultures are the same. Neither are no two countries or even two cities. Being cautious harms no one yet it protects your interests and your personal safety. Travel the world set yourself free, but in all of this guard, yourself like you are the best present you ever received. On your individual travels know the only person that matters is you. So never feel guilty that you owe someone anything, or that you owe a duty of care to someone. Because the only person that matters is you.

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