Planning a Kid-Friendly Vacation Adults Will Like Too

When you’re planning a family vacation and you have kids, you want to find a balance. You want a trip that your kids are going to enjoy and that’s going to hold their attention, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so kid-centric that the adults aren’t happy.

So how can you make everyone happy? It’s not an easy feat, but with some planning with regard to activities, attractions, and lodging, you may be able to get the balance you’re looking for.

The following are some tips for a vacation that will please the kids and the adults.

Think About Your Kids’ Ages

The age of your kids plays a big role in what’s going to work for them in terms of vacations and what isn’t. If you have young kids, particularly if they’re still in strollers, you’ll have to think more about scheduling but less about finding activities that interest them.

If your kids are older, you have more flexibility in terms of longer flights, different activities, and less rigid scheduling, but you’re also going to have to keep your kids more entertained.


No matter your specific destination, the lodging you choose plays a big role in how satisfied everyone is going to be with the trip. If you’re going with a hotel, look for one that has onsite amenities your kids will like such as pools or waterslides. This gives you the opportunity to relax and maybe enjoy a cocktail, and your kids will still be having a blast.

As well as fun amenities, think about logistical amenities,so you’re spending less time running around getting everyone what they need. Laundry facilities, a small onsite store and a restaurant with free breakfast can all be things you’re glad you have in a hotel.

Another family-friendly option is renting a private home, and if it has a pool, even better. Then, you can do things like cooking outside and you’re relaxing, while your kids are having fun.

Include Everyone In Planning

As long as your kids are old enough to understand, why not include them in the trip plans? Kids like to be included, and you can get their opinion on what they’d like to do. It’s also good to include kids because it prepares them for the trip in advance so that they have something to be excited about and they’re less likely to be stressed about the disruption to their routine that a trip can bring.

Self-Contained Vacations

Sometimes a great way to make everyone happy is to do a self-contained vacation. What does this mean? Something like an all-inclusive resort or a cruise.

There are quite a few reasons these kinds of trips can work well for families. First, you don’t have to do much planning because all the options are already available. Also, these kinds of trips are geared toward being enjoyable for people of all age groups. Plus, most resorts and cruises have on-site childcare, so it can be a win-win.

You also aren’t going to have to think about meals and getting from place-to-place when it comes to these trips. Not everyone likes the idea of a cruise or all-inclusive resort, but if it’s appealing to you, it can have a lot of perks in terms of traveling as a family.

Take Time to Rest Everyday

If you’re one of the people who want to make sure you see and do everything possible on vacation, you may not like the idea of resting, but it’s importantwhen you’re traveling with kids, even when they’re older. A vacation can be a lot of stimulation that can be tiring and overwhelming, so block out some time everyday of your trip to unwind.

Finally, while you might be looking toward beaches and resorts for a family vacation, another option that tends to work well is big cities around the world like New York or London. It can be more fast-paced than a beach vacation, but there is going to be something for everyone in these cities. For example, you can find a plethora of kid-friendly restaurants that also serve great food.

There are parks and green areas that often serve as attractions in and of themselves, and there are museums the whole family can enjoy. You can also usually find lower-priced airfare to many big cities are compared to more remote areas if you’re going to be flying.

In a big city, it tends to be easier to appeal to everyone’s interests.

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