Moving With Your Elderly Loved One? Make The Transition Easy For Them Using These Tips

Moving to a new city, state, or country is a big decision. The entire thing becomes even more taxing when you have an elderly loved one along with you. An unexpected change in their physical environment can impact their physical, emotional, and mental health, more so if they are already dealing with a health condition. 

However, with forethought and planning, you can make this transition easy for them. Here’s what to do. 

Talk to them before you move 

Deciding the big move without letting your elderly loved one know is despicable. Telling them early will only simplify the process. Discuss your moving plans with them and involve them in the decision-making process early. 

Moving away from their home might impact them emotionally. It might not be a big change for you, but it may be an enormous thing for them. Being aware of the big move from the beginning will help them process the entire thing and manage their emotions. 

Plus, be there to hear them out. Listen to their concerns, answer their questions. Reassure them that this move will be great for all of you. 

Plan the entire move 

Plan every step of this big move to keep your elderly loved one at ease throughout the process. Before you move to your new home with them, get the blueprint of the house and create a floor plan keeping the elderly loved one in mind. 

The furniture should fit well in the space to ensure swift navigation across the house and avoid the risk of falls. Get everything they might need in their new room beforehand. 

Get some help 

Relocating with an elderly loved one is a major endeavor. Of course, you cannot do it single-handedly, so take the help of your family members and friends with sorting and packing. 

If you can’t get any of them to help you, outsource services, like a relocation specialist or moving company. These services are always at the disposal of people who want to have a swift and stress-free move. 


Downsizing is a big part of any moving process, and when you move with an elderly member, the responsibility of sorting their belongings also lies on your shoulders. 

To make things easy and quick, categorize their objects- objects to take along, objects to donate or sell, and objects to discard.

If your elderly loved one wants to take along all their belongings with them, honor their emotions and let them take along their possessions. Seniors often treat their belongings as memories. Be empathetic towards their feelings.

Take help from short-term home care services 

The entire process of moving from one place to another will keep you and other family members busy for days, not allowing you to be available to your loved one 24X7. If your loved one is already battling a health condition that requires constant care and attention, consider getting short-term home care services to look after them.

In your absence, the caretaker will assist them with their daily tasks and provide therapy and rehabilitation services, as well as companionship. They will also provide emotional support to your elderly loved one during this period of emotional stress.  

Find a new doctor for them 

Seniors constantly need doctors and good healthcare facilities. The first thing to do after moving is finding a new doctor for them in the new city. 

You shouldn’t even wait to reach your new home. With the help of the internet, find a new doctor for them. Also, look for a pharmacy near your new home for prescription refills. 


Over time, people lose their flexibility. The idea of moving home might disturb your elderly loved one. Be empathetic towards them and exercise extra care while moving with them. We hope these tips help you in planning the big move. 

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