Wordless Wednesday: Is That A Smurf, Avatar, or Gavin?

Yeah this is how I found Gavin, I just turned around and pretended it didn’t happen…

Wordless Wednesday: Devil Bunny Chair

Okay so my mom got this chair from her friend and to me it is a hideous bunny chair, but with Olivia on it – it looks like she has devil horns!  We use this as the Time Out chair for my boys when we’re at my moms and Olivia kept putting herself in it!

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Kindergarten & Preschool

Aidan started Kindergarten: Gavin second year of Preschool: Olivia watching the boys off:

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Hockey Players

Wordless Wednesday: My #BlogHer12 Swag

Okay so it may look like a lot, but it is actually a lot of samples of products I genuinely wanted to try as well as some duplicate baby products since my roommates don’t have babies 🙂  Not sure what my favorite item was – definitely some cool bags which is a first! And here […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Boys and Their ChainSaw

(FYI:  of course that is a fake chainsaw )

Wordless Wednesday: All Dressed Up & No Where To Go…

Wordless Wednesday: Yes I Met 2 of My Besties Online…

So just a quick note about these two ladies next to me:  I met Lisa when I tweeted about looking for someone to share a taxi with to a local Chicago blogger event. We shared our descriptions and met each other at the train station and ever since have been close!  Maria I met after […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy 1st Birthday to My Baby Girl!

So this week we celebrated Olivia’s first birthday, I think out of all three of my kids her first year flew by the fastest.  It makes me sad that she’s probably my last, but I admit I can’t wait until she really starts developing her personality and playing!