Missing High School…then again maybe not…

So today my youngest sister came over to visit and see the kids. She just graduated early from high school, well she doesn’t actually get her diploma until May but she is officially done with high school now. I don’t get the rush though to get out, but then again back then I probably would have loved to have left early. I was a popular kid amongst the un-popular kids if that makes sense. I dyed my hair, wore funky unmatching clothes, and spoke my thoughts. I was a big mouth and I didn’t care about other people’s opinion. Though my sister is very pretty and she was popular. She had tons of girlfriends and they always seemed to get along great, but girls can be girls I guess. She said she was sick of the drama and she is so destined to get into the real world.

I wish I could tell her to stay and enjoy every minute of her life now, as she is only 17. There is a ten year age difference between us and 10 years ago seems like a lifetime to me, but I miss it. I miss the drama and the lessened responsibilities. I miss giggling with my girlfriends, dressing crazy, and just how easy things were back then. I didn’t have a mortgage, piles of bills, no time for friends, or kids. But then again I could not imagine a day now without my boys. So do I miss high school “yes,” but am I happy now “yes.”

Ever since I joined and became active in Facebook about a month ago and having old friends and classmates add me as their friends and send messages I think about those days. Then I listen to my sister’s after high school plans, I think about all the plans and dreams I had. You see I moved from Chicago to the suburbs just before my freshmen year of high school so I didn’t know anyone. Everyone seemed to already have their friends and cliques from junior high and I was determined to find my niche amongst the crowd. In Chicago it was a whole different environment and culture from the suburbs and at 13 I had enough changes going on in my life.

Overall though I think I did well. I quickly made friends and found a niche. The girl I met in line the first day of high school registration is still my best friend, was my maid of honor, and my first child’s godmother. Though it is hard now because I have kids and she doesn’t and she is getting a divorce and going through a party faze now that I feel too old for! Those were the days though in high school where I look back now and think how easy everything was and how much I took for granted. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have or done what I had the potential for. I just went through my four years with average grades and no extra-curriculars.

My sister did the same thing and I just hope she doesn’t regret it one day. Even if she does hopefully she will have other reasons that remind her that she is lucky and grateful for. I think though how at the time I could never imagine my parents in high school understanding what I was going through or dealing with and I do understand now. But you can’t tell someone something that they need to learn and realize on their own. So as I wish my sister luck and good success in the beauty school that she will be attending next week I will remind myself that the “good ole days” are not over but are just getting better and now involving my little men!

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  1. I know wasn’t it easier!

  2. I wish I could turn back time and be in high school again…