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As a kid, I remember I loved anything with my name on it, which was especially hard to hard since my name is so different (Cherise). I had earrings, nameplates, and stickers, but my favorite was a book. It was a book where there was a mermaid named “Cherise” who had wonderful ocean adventures. Not sure where my aunt bought it, but I have yet to really see one since. Every now and then I will see an ad for one but it just doesn’t look as cool as the one I had when I was younger.

So now that I have children I have been hoarding stuff with my sons names on it. Hopefully, they will appreciate it someday, otherwise it will still be a nice memory for me. In my search I came across a website called “Frecklebox” that specializes in personalized gifts for kids. They sell books, coloring books, puzzles, posters, journals, placemats, and growth charts. The website is so user friendly and you can view a sample of entire books and all their products.

Mark and Scott who as dad’s decided they would create a company to educate and entertain children founded Frecklebox. What a better way to entertain a child than reading a book with their name in it or putting a puzzle together with their picture on it. I believe that anything that really engages a child and entertains them at the same time is a great product.

The Frecklebox website has so many products in each category to choose from, that it was hard to decide but to start I narrowed it down. Some of my favorites are: “New Baby” which is a personalized book for the soon-to-be older sibling, “When I Grow Up” which shows the childs name throughout different career choices, the Candy Hearts puzzle, Race Car placemat, and Outer Space Personalized Growth Chart. Really I love everything! I believe a child feels special when they see their name on something and knows that it was made or bought just for them.

So of course I had to pick something as I was dying to see the actual quality. Mike from Frecklebox was so generous and let me pick something to review. I chose the “Happy Birthday” personalized book for my son’s 1st Birthday. I even put the printed dedication to be “Happy Birthday Gavin For Our Little Man, Love Mommy and Daddy.” Bright colors and sharp graphics are displayed throughout this book and every picture is fun and crisp. The book is also bigger than I expected, as it is about 8 x 8 inches. All there books come in soft cover for $19.95 or hardcover for $34.95. I picked a soft cover one and I am surprised at how thick and glossy the book is. It is so cute and I love the story that it tells. The story is about Gavin picking out his birthday cake and the bakery and he keeps asking the baker to make him a different cake. It is cute too how it rhymes and flows. I can’t wait to read it to him when he is older and can really appreciate his name in it! I think too that this book will help him learn to spell his name as it is practically on everypage!

So for that next special occasion or even for no reason at all, check out the products at Frecklebox and personalize something!

Oh and the best part, from now until 2/27, Enter promo code “FEBPUZ” at checkout to

receive 15% off your entire order!

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  3. So cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I remember wanting to wear a shirt that had my name on it – and my mom said that I wasn’t allowed because some stranger would call out my name and then I’d go to them thinking I knew them. I found this ridiculous because most people couldn’t pronounce my name: Joelle. Ah well 🙂 The things that you remember.

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  6. Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me says:

    I, too, loved all things personalized for my girls, much like I loved that as a child myself!
    I will be checking this site out! Thanks!

  7. So CUTE! I will have to check that site out!

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