Have you joined MyPoints yet?

Okay so Mypoints is by far my favorite points program. I have been a Mypoints member since 1999 now and my lifetime points earned are 51,755 points. For 3,250 you can get a $25 gift card to popular stores and they do offer smaller and larger gift cards.

The easy way to earn points is through clicking the Mypoints emails sent almost daily where you earn 5 points. There are also surveys you can take and trial offers you can sign up for. Mypoints is not a scam and I have redeemed hundreds of dollars in gift cards in the past 10 years I have been a member. It is also not a way to get rich, but what I do is earn as many points throughout the year and then cashout for gift cards as Christmas presents.

Mypoints has changed throughout the years, but one thing I love is that it does not take forever to earn a gift card. And I have also found some great sites through them. Now I used to sign up for all the trial offers and at one point I even had the Mypoints sponsored credit card, but now I mainly just take the surveys and click all the emails.

Oh and of course they have a way to earn points through online shopping which I use only if Upromise or my credit card reward programs are not available for that particular retailer.

Best part is that you earn 100 points just for joining! Like I said Mypoints is one of my favorites and I have stayed a loyal member for 10 years now. I highly recommend checking them out!



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