Are you a 4Moms Insider Yet?

4Moms Insiders is trying to get 1,000 people registered before October 31st. As an insider you can test products, get special deals and win stuff. 
 Anyone can join – new parents, experienced parents, future parents, grandparents – anyone who’s willing to help spread the word.

Now 4Moms is new, so I haven’t reviewed for them yet, but every company needs to start somewhere right! Also, if you upload a picture of you and your family and they’ll send you a really cool shirt or hat (your pick). You want free stuff. They want pictures for their site. Sounds like a Win-Win to me! I haven’t received my shirt yet, but I am just signed up last week.


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  1. Lana Simanovicki says

    This is interesting I’m going to che k this out

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